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WomanUP!® Live: WaveMaker Takeover w/ Post & Beam

Updated: Mar 6

Join Stacey Soleil and Luisa Zepeda on Friday, 5/12, as they chat with the creative team at Post & Beam - Christine George and Carrie Edwards. We are thankful to have Post & Beam as a partner and excited to learn more from Christine and Carrie when they speak to us about marketing and branding during the WomanUP!® Retreat Lunch & Learn.

We are continuing our WaveMaker Takeover as we introduce you to some women you will meet, greet, and connect with at the 2023 WomanUP!® Retreat.

Welcome, Christine and Carrie! Let’s start at the beginning… YOU! Please introduce yourself! Share who you are, where you are, and WHY you love doing what you do!

Christine I’m Christine George the Co-Founder of Post & Beam Creative - Post & Beam is a marketing and design services company for real estate - We’re based outside of Boston and we serve real estate agents, teams and brokerages across the U.S. - Since I entered the real estate space 15 years ago I have had a deep appreciation for the work that real estate professionals do and the sacrifices they make to serve their clients and I love to help them grow.


I’m Carrie Edwards, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Post & Beam. I’ve been working in design and advertising for over 25 years, most recently in the real estate space where I met Christine. I’ve worked for large companies, small businesses, non-profits, and I’ve been an entrepreneur as well.

Q2: Let’s talk about the story of opening Post & Beam together! (How can we set you up to share this story?)

Christine I like to say Carrie and I had our first date at a pizza shop in Arlington Massachusetts when she came to Leading Edge real estate to work with me. The company had started a new project and Carrie and I were leading it. After a year working together we realized we had a powerful synergy and very complementary skills plus we liked each other and had a lot in common. Timing was right and we made the leap to break out.


What is it that they say about not getting too comfortable? I was scared to start a new company, but I knew the time was right to get out of my comfort zone. And it felt right starting P&B with Christine because not only had we become friends, but we had worked together for a year and knew that we worked well together. Between the two of us we saw a need in the market for our services. So it just felt right.

Q3: What is the life or leadership advice you give most often?

  1. Christine I think it’s really important to be true to yourself. I believe that when you are, you will always make the right decisions for yourself and the people you serve.

  2. Carrie: My best life advice (that I find myself giving my 15-year old daughter most often) is that you can never make assumptions about what is going on in the head of someone else. Everyone is living their own life and has their own struggles, even if it looks like they don’t on the outside. So try to put yourself in their shoes before you make snap judgements.

Q4: Tell us about a woman in your life who helped you reach a goal or encouraged you to step into your personal power!

Carrie That’s an easy one. Christine! I was super-wary about diving back into the world of entrepreneurship and she really cheered me on and every day reminds me that I’m capable of this. She is an incredible motivator and takes time to point out when I’ve done something to empower myself.

Q5: What are you most looking forward to at the retreat?

  1. Christine Where do I start? I think I’m most looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with so many fabulous women. I’m also really looking forward to yoga, the introvert lounge, the wave maker dinners and the sunsets.

  2. Carrie I’m looking forward to spending time with the few people I’ve met at previous events. And meeting new people. We have a client who will be there, whom I’ve never met in person. So it will be fun to be in the same room with her, and not on a Zoom call!

  3. Luisa: Join my WaveMaker Dinner Monday 6/12 @ 7pm @ Senor Grubby's

  4. Stacey: Join my WaveMaker Dinner Monday 6/12 @ 6:30pm @ Harney Sushi

Q5: Christine, you were there last year! What advice do you have for those people who are deciding if they “should” buy their ticket?

Wait no more. This could be the thing that changes your life.

It’s time to share your final words of wisdom


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