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WomanUP WaveMaker Application Banner

WaveMakers are our strongest champions, our dearest advocates, the ripple creators, and the buzz builders. 

WaveMakers are powerful and dedicated women across the country who represent WomanUP!® and work to make a difference daily. 

Curious about what being a WaveMaker entails? In a nutshell, we ask you to S.H.A.R.E. in these ways:

  • Support and share what is happening in the WomanUP!® on your social media platforms. This would include sharing about our Share Your Story initiative, promoting the Monthly Live Show and Annual Conference, etc.

  • Help introduce us to potential sponsors in your sphere of influence. In particular, we are seeking national lender, title, and financial management organizations - as well as RE tech partners.

  • Attend WomanUP!® events - both live and virtual - as often as possible.

    Please note: attending the annual conference is non-negotiable. We need all of our WaveMakers there to make it happen! If you are not available 6/12-13, 2024, please do not apply.


  • Relay relevant news and updates happening in your area - especially women stepping into leadership and leadership job opportunities.

  • Engage with our online community - post on the group, like/comment on FB + IG posts, etc.

Does this sound like you?

If you are shouting "YES!, THAT'S ME!", we would like to invite you to join us as one of our magnificent 2024 WaveMakers!

Please click the button to fill out the form and apply today!

In addition to the application, we are asking you to make a 60-second video that shares WHY you love being part of the WomanUP!® Community. Once the WaveMaker squad is confirmed, we will be using these videos to announce each one - so this is your first opportunity to shine a light on yourself!


The deadline to
apply is March 15.

The team looks forward to announcing the 2024 WomanUP!® WaveMakers in March to honor Women's History Month!

Here are some of the perks WomanUP!® will provide:

  • Share Early Announcements and Updates
    You will be the first to know updates on launches, ticket sales, sponsor updates, local and national events, and so much more! We share all of this on our “secret” FB Group, so it is easy for you to find it when you need it.


  • Personal Brand Promotion and Amplification
    We want to provide options to promote your involvement in the program.

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