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Why does WomanUP!® exist?

Women account for over 60% of REALTORS® in California (67% nationwide) but represent only a fraction of executive and brokerage positions. WomanUP!®, an initiative of the California Association of REALTORS®, exists to support the journey of women to the very TOP of their careers.


Our three-part mission is to identify, develop, and connect women in this industry. We identify the tools and strategies you need to make bold moves in real estate. We provide you with resources and events to develop your skills as a leader. We create opportunities to connect with other amazing leaders in the national brokerage community.

The WomanUP!® Movement has grown exponentially since our inaugural year 2017. This is an industry filled with ambitious and passionate women who are currently or ready to step into leadership, as well as bold men and women who want to support those women! 

 WomanUP!® is here to give you the tools you need to make the next bold move in your career.

Who is part of WomanUP!®?

It's for women who own or lead a real estate brokerage.

You're ready to rise UP to the very top of your career, and bring your tribe with you. You are a leader! This is a community where you will mentor the dreamers and gain the support and wisdom of advocates and peers.  This community is here to support you on your brokerage leadership journey and help you build a brighter tomorrow inside your organization.

- - -

It's for women who want to own and lead a real estate brokerage.

Whether you're a REALTOR® with a dozen years of experience or just a few months, you see leadership in your future and seek guidance on where to start. This is a community for you to learn best practices, embrace the power of failure, and access brilliant, collective wisdom from peers and experienced mentors.

- - -

It's for everyone who wants to support and empower women on their leadership journey.

You are the agents, business partners, and mentors of these women. You want to pay it forward. You want to support these leaders as they boldly open brokerages and become executive leaders. You are an indispensable advocate! 


WomanUP!® is a community for these three groups of people to come together and support, mentor, and encourage each other.

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