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WomanUP!® Wisdom Series * Diversity. Equity.Inclusion.

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Diversity involves every level of leadership in an organization. Diversity contributes to the development of an organization with fresh perspectives that help drive innovations of products, methods, and systems.

During this session, Farrah, Michelle, Sam, and Hilda will talk about the importance of diversity and how you can achieve it in your organization. They will also share key learnings on how to overcome any resistance to diversity initiatives you are working to implement.



Session Highlights:

Topic #1: Defining DEI

Topic #2: How to take action around DEI.

Question: How to start and how to overcome challenges.

Topic #3: Fostering Inclusivity

Question: Alternate pipelines and alternate ways of assessing potential or competence.

Take Action Step: Find out what diverse communities need to feel included and supported.

Other thoughts/questions:

-Getting Started


-Challenging the Status Quo as a woman or WOC when it feels risky

-Being Equipped to Speak Out

-The role of data in goal setting

-How to Diversify

-Role of Allies

Download the resources shared during the session today!


Connect with these experts:

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