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WomanUP!® Wisdom Series * Building An Intentional Brand

Join Molly McKinley and Heather Elias to learn what an intentional brand is, what the difference is between how it has been done and now, and why it’s more important than ever to understand the basics of intentional marketing.


Session Highlights:

5 Things Every Broker Can Do To Become MORE Intentional:

Question Molly and Heather will answer:

What are intentional branding and marketing?

What is different between what we used to do and what we do now?

What changes can we all implement?

5 Things Every Broker Can Do To Become MORE Intentional:

  1. Know Thyself:

    1. What do you stand for? Define your core values here.

    2. What emotion are we trying to evoke?

    3. What does the brand represent?

  2. Create Customized Customer Experiences:

    1. Understand and employ “surprise and delight”

    2. What would delight YOUR clients?

  3. Make time for Your Creativity

    1. Schedule time. Consider creating an afternoon tea ritual where you can let your mind wander while sipping your favorite tea blend. Check out to order Molly’s teas and read about her “goodness loops”. More on this in point #5.

  4. Focus on 1:1 Conversations with consumers because of the digital journey - humanize

    1. Take the time to actually talk to your customers. People want to know who they are doing business with… think about the Quaker Oats story!

  5. Create Goodness Loops- giving back where and how you can. Doing good is good business, engage in a more meaningful conversation with the people you serve

More on Archetypes:

Book Recommendations:

Fire Up! Book by Debra Trappen Download a digital copy here: Use the WomanUP2020 promo code for 50% off!

During the session, Alex Tieu asked: What are some companies in RE that you think have a clear brand and intention? What do you think they are doing right? What can we learn from these companies?

Check out the companies mentioned:

RateMyAgent: Claim your free profile and check them out here:

C21 Redwood: “A family of client-focused people operating in a collaborative environment who use their collective energy to make the world a better place.”


Connect with these experts:

Heather Elias

Connect with her on LinkedIn:

Give her Facebook Page some love:

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