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WomanUP!® Live with Serina Lowden

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

As Broker and Owner of All City Homes, Serina Lowden offers more than 18 years of Real Estate experience in Traditional Sales, REO/Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Commercial. Serina's ultimate goal is to redefine, improve, and empower the community by respecting and appreciating what makes people different, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. Her mission is to empower communities through homeownership, create meaningful experiences, and impact the community through social responsibility.

Serina Lowden is the Broker/Owner of All City Homes in Sacramento, CA.

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Tell us about the journey to your owning your own brokerage?

Owning my own Brokerage has been a dream and goal I set years ago. As a matter of fact, I had it on my very 1st vision board I ever did back in 2017. From there, everything started to fall into place. My business partner and I now have 4 offices. 1 In Elk Grove, 1 Roseville, 1 in Santa Monica, and 1 in Texas.

My journey working in rural locations and my experiences, encourage me to create a brokerage where every agent and/or client feels comfortable.

Let’s talk about the moment you KNEW it was time to turn your team into a brokerage. How did you decide to partner with SIDE?

What ignited the journey for me was the fact that there was something missing in the larger brokerages. I felt true agent relationships and community and social responsibility. We want to educate and empower people through social homeownership. When I could no longer serve our agents and the community the way I wanted to, that’s when I knew it was time. Side provides all of the technology, business development managers, and support that frees up a lot of our time to focus on what’s most important: Relationships and community.

One of my favorite moments at ICLV was when you shared your passion for helping people create GENERATIONAL WEALTH… Having a passion for future generations is an incredible leadership trait/value. Tell us more about why this is so important to you and what we can all do to participate in this mission!

We host BUYER WORKSHOPS. The agents have a personal assistant with the company to help them do what’s most important, helping families create generational wealth, and legacy, and financial literacy.

Find information here from C.A.R. on educating clients about home buying:

Want to connect with Serina? Here is her contact info:

Serina Lowden

Broker Associate

All City Homes

(916) 600-0223


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