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5-22 * Wisdom from Jen Branchini

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hello, WomanUP!® Community!

Leslie Appleton-Young kicked off the show with her weekly economic UPdate. You can find her most recent slides here.

Following her update, we had a WomanUP!® WaveMaking Wisdom chat with Jen Branchini, the 2020 C.A.R. Treasurer Click the image below to watch the replay.

5-22 Wisdom Segment Show Notes:

Jennifer Branchini has been a REALTOR® since 1998. She’s an active REALTOR® and helps her clients with their housing needs on a daily basis. She spent 4 years as general manager for her family’s brokerage prior to selling last year.

Jen has held numerous leadership positions during her career. She is the 2020-2021 Treasurer for the California Association of REALTORS® and has served on Board of Directors since 2010. At the local level, she served as President of the Bay East Association of REALTORS® in 2014 and she was a founding member of the Bay East Young Professional Network. At NAR, she has served on the Board of Directors for since 2014 and held numerous committee positions.

She and her husband, Cam Inman just celebrated 21-yrs of marriage. They are the parents to 3 children, Kate, Brooke and Grant. In her free time, she loves to explore the world with her family, hike, bike and run. She doesn’t like to sit still for long.

Q1: What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for leaders in this time of crisis?

There are so many! First I would say listening. One must listen to identify the needs of those you are leading. Then adapt and determine how to answer the needs.

One must also look ahead to what the future looks like and help lead and guide a new future. If you go back to what was, you will have wasted the opportunity.

Q2: What do you see as the biggest challenge for leaders in this time of crisis?

Adapting faster than the needs of those you are leading. There is also a fine balance of communicating enough so that people don't feel like they are in the dark.

Q3: What advice and resources are you sharing the most?

No matter how tired people are of hearing, we are in this together, we are. We are going through different emotions and needs but everyone is affected. I think it is important for our members to know that we are here for them. Providing guidance and easy access to resources is key as well. I know that when one is feeling overwhelmed it is hard to navigate anything clearly. So providing the path to what is top of mind for easy navigation is key.

Q4: What tips do you have for leaders on how to communicate effectively during a crisis and the as the recovery process begins?

Over-communicate and don't waver in your tone. Lead from the heart, think about what you would need or how you would want someone to lead you, and be that person.

Q5: What is your advice for leaders who are struggling, stressed, and/or financially uncertain?

You have to breathe! Take a minute for yourself and focus on what you can control. Reach out to others to help guide you to get the help you need. As I said, no one is judging, we all feel these feelings one way or another.

Additional Words of Wisdom

We are all leaders and having just one conversation with someone else can be more impactful than getting in your own head and thinking your thoughts don't matter. Reach out to someone, you will both benefit from it!

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