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This is your guide for the workshops and a fun way to meet our sponsors and vendors!


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Learn More About Our
Courageous Reinvention Workshops!

 Opening Your Own Brokerage

9/1 * 9am PT

Discover what it takes to launch + fine-tune your

 Growing Your Brokerage

9/1 * 2pm PT

Formulate and

execute your

mergers &

acquisition strategy.

 Heart-Powered Selling

9/2 * 9am PT

Tap into

intuition to

grow sales with

less effort.

 Reset Your Money Mindset

9/2 * 2pm PT

Rewire your




Lori Namazi Workshop - Opening your own brokerage

Workshop #1: Opening Your Own Brokerage

9/1 * 9am PT

Fierce Facilitator: Lori Namazi

Is Opening Your Own Brokerage Your Next Step?


Preparing to go out on your own doesn't have to be scary.  

In this session, we'll take a look behind the curtain and discuss what it takes to launch your own brokerage and talk about what running a brokerage really looks like. You will leave knowing what your next FIRST step will be and have a road map to help you make your brokerage dreams a reality!


This is also for those who've already opened a brokerage and want to streamline your process + make sure you're set up for success in 2022!

Beate Chelette Workshop - Growing Your Brokerage

Workshop #2: Growing Your Brokerage

9/1 * 2pm PT

Fierce Facilitator: Beate Chelette

In this WomanUp! exclusive workshop, Growth Architect Beate Chelette will show you how to design and refine M&A as an implementable growth strategy. Most owners and executives underutilize this powerful tool for rapid growth because they don’t understand Mergers & Acquisitions or are intimidated by them. That ends now because we will demystify and simplify what a transaction is and how it works.

You will walk away knowing how to identify and assess the best strategic fit of an acquisition target and which transaction type will work best for your goals. If you are done playing small, this workshop is for you.

Your takeaways will include :

  • Understanding how to formulate and execute your M&A strategy

  • Conducting diligence and valuation

  • Knowing how to create true value for your brokerage and achieve bold growth objectives 

Robin Treasure Workshop - Heart-Powered Selling

Workshop #3: Heart-Powered Selling

9/2 * 9am PT

Fierce Facilitator: Robin Treasure

Ready To Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition?

Learn how to take a heart-centered approach to sales in order to transcend fear, easily exceed quotas, enjoy unlimited prosperity, and ultimately achieve spiritual growth.

This approach is what has enabled Robin to become a top-performing sales rep earning multiple six-figures by intuitively finding the best business opportunities and serving clients with emotional intelligence.

  • Learn how to:

    • Grow sales with less effort

    • Tap into intuition to find more business opportunities

    • Deepen relationships with customers and find more referrals

Tara-Nicholle Kirke Workshop - Reset Your Money Mindset

Workshop #4: Reset Your Money Mindset

9/2 * 2pm PT

Fierce Facilitator: Tara-Nicholle Kirke

Overworking. Underearning. Inconsistent marketing. Feast or famine. The money struggles of a real estate agent are real… but is that really true? It doesn’t have to be.

We all have patterns of thinking, emotion and behavior that place an inner glass ceiling on how much money we allow ourselves to make. If you can find the courage to compassionately face your fearful, scarcity-based thought habits, it can be like turning on the light switch in a dark room. When you make these unconscious thoughts conscious, they stop running your life and limiting your success.

In this Money Mindset Reset session, Master Coach Tara-Nicholle Kirke will help you see and transform the root cause of your self-limiting money shadows. You’ll leave this session with a roadmap to reinvention that increases your income, net worth, peace and profits, while you dwell in your personal zone of genius.

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