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WomanUP!® Wisdom Series * Business Planning

Updated: Mar 8

Are you all ready for this Virtual CircleUP! Business Planning Session? Let’s do this!

Guest Experts:

  • Christine George, Co-Founder, Post & Beam Creative

  • Melissa Sofia, Founder, The Avenue Home Collective

  • Bertina Power, Engel & Völkers Chicago

Session Description:

Have you ever asked yourself “What exactly is the purpose of a business plan and why are business plans so important?” Maybe you’ve wanted to write one, but aren’t sure where to start or the traditional business planning model is not for you!

What is the biggest business challenge YOU want to overcome in 2023?

We kick off this session with business advice from some of the most brilliant leaders in the industry. Our guests brought their business challenges to the table, and we did our best to solve them together with some of the greatest minds and biggest hearts in our community!


Simply put - a business plan is a document that details your business concept and strategy for growth.

Maybe you’ve wanted to write one, but aren’t sure where to start, or the traditional business planning model is not for you… or maybe you’re simply uninspired about 2023 and need an attitude + vision boost!

This session starts with sage business planning advice from some of the most brilliant leaders in the industry. Then we will opened it up to a live Q&A session.

Christine George is the moderator AND she has agreed to share her wisdom alongside Bertina Power and Melissa Sofia…

Christine George: Knowing Your Numbers + Strengths

  1. Know your numbers. They inform your goals and marketing strategy. For example, Can you increase your repeat/referral business? Can you increase your average sale price? Did you notice your target audience has shifted, what’s the opportunity there?

  2. Focus on your strengths and delegate the things you don’t like or aren’t good at. If you hate the paperwork, hire a transaction coordinator. Chances are he/she LOVES it and will make sure it gets done and is done correctly. Connect with Christine here:

Melissa Sofia: Paying Attention

  1. Pay attention to the moments you are in… most decisions are “inconsequential”.

  2. Don’t stress about inconsequential moments Connect with Melissa here:

Bertina Power: Allocate Your Time Wisely

  1. When we plan for success we must take a true assessment of how much time we have and what we do with that time.

  2. Only 168 Hours in a week. Let's consider the feasibility of your goals for 2023.

Connect with Bertina here:


Questions from the audience:

  1. How can a business stand out without a large social media presence?

  2. How long do you track your numbers to identify your niche(s)?

  3. Hi everyone plans and goals are priorities and follow them. I just got my license from State of Washington (NMLS in loans). I like to know the best way to find clients or referral to increase my sales. I am in California.

  4. My agents keep questioning if they need a business plan or not. Would you help me craft a response that really helps them understand the importance of putting their vision on paper?

  5. One of the consistent questions I get from agents is around defining their ideal clients - how do you advise others to do this?

  6. What are the key elements of a real estate brokerage business plan? Where do I start?

  7. How do I define and share what makes me different in my plan? There are so many brokerages in my area - I feel lost.


Connect with these experts:

Learn more and connect with Christine:

Learn more and connect with Bertina:

Learn more about and connect with Melissa:

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