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WomanUP!® Wisdom Series * Business Planning

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

How To Refocus When Your Business Plan Goes Out The Window

Session Leader:

Christine George, Head of Agent Development for Leading Edge Real Estate in Boston, MA

Guest Experts:

  • Kate Reisinger, EVP, Member Services, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Chicago, IL

  • Melissa Sofia, Founder and Broker, The Avenue Home Collective in San Diego, CA

  • Cherika Johnson, Broker/Owner, Johnson Realty in Longview, TX

Session Description:

It's safe to say that in 2020, most business plans went out the window, and while there's still uncertainty in the air, we're better prepared and more open to thinking differently about how to achieve growth. In this discussion, we'll cover three key elements of your business plan; innovation, time management, and diversification. You'll come away with new ideas, tools, and solutions to breathe new life into your business plan this year.



Session Highlights:

Innovation with Kate Reisinger

  • Repositioned services (education/training etc.) to better serve members

  • Expanded growth to dark markets

  • Market consolidation means opportunity for independent brokerages

  • COVID a catalyst for:

    • For members - Education on steroids (100 webinars and virtual events from how to win the listing to mental health and wellness)

    • For staff - communication is stronger and staff is closer - “Covid allowed us to be human in the corporate sector” - LOVED THAT QUOTE!!

Kate’s Top Tip:

Invest In MasterClasses

Time Management with Melissa Sofia

  • Keeping focused means:

    • Mindset

    • Re-evaluate your purpose

    • Set clear and specific goals

  • Holistic approach to setting goals - Top 3 goals for each

    • Business

    • Motherhood

    • Relationships

    • Soul-care

  • Systems and tools:

Calendly - Calendar scheduling

Trello - project management

Asana - project management

To-do - task list

Buffer - social media scheduler

Hubspot - CRM and Marketing platform

Moxiworks - CRM and sales tracking platform

Evernote - note-taking

Google docs for sharing evolving and changing documents

Google Forms - for online surveys, sign-ups or order forms

Eventbrite - event registration

Zoom - meetings and webinars

Diversity and Inclusion with Cherika Johnson

  • Be purposeful in everything you do

  • Have the right mindset

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

    • networking - get to know other agents

    • video - show people who you are what you’re about

  • “The way to attract people is to put yourself out there and let people see our vibe.” - LOVE THIS QUOTE

TIP: CRM - Top Producer

What is real estate without WINE?

Christine’s Top Tips:

If you want more tips and tools to help you with setting and accomplishing your GOALS, visit this Wisdom Series Session:


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