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WomanUP!® Wisdom Series * How to Build and Nurture a Thriving Community

How do you build a community that people love and want to be a part of?

You have to create a shared experience that builds trust and genuine relationships.

Marci James and Tiffany McQuaid had a fantastic conversation to share 6 easy steps you can take to start building your online and offline community now.



Session Highlights:

Topic #1:

Question: Why create a community?

Take Action Step: What is the one thing that is most important to customer loyalty? Human communications and relationships. A community should be a part of your business strategy, and it should exist to serve the people in it.

Topic #2:

Question: What are the 6 steps to building a community?

Remember, community engagement is a business strategy. Building a community from scratch often means a lot of one-to-one interactions. Although it is time-consuming, the effort will pay off in big ways!!


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