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#ICLV + WomanUP!® 2023

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

TOPIC: Transformational Leadership

Navigating the pressures of leadership - especially with the ever-changing, fear-based messaging about the market - is not for everyone. Peak pressure moments are riddled with anxiety that leaders must learn to manage, not ignore. Many successful leaders we watch today possess key skills, behaviors, and mindsets that prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead with a fierce focus.

"The Power of Fierce Conversations"

There are many types of conversations. Those that help us connect, resolve conflict, and work through heart-centered negotiations with others… and the kind we have with ourselves.

Whether you are discussing an uncomfortable topic, interviewing someone, or nurturing your self-talk - Hilary Saunders, Sarita Dua, Amy Powell, and Lori Muller here to share their best advice on how they have harnessed the power of fierce conversations.

"Share your key takeaway when having powerful conversations with others and/or yourself.."

​Hilary Saunders

podcast - using your voice

Active Listening

Identify the Issue

Open dialogue and encourage discussion

Share your story!

Sarita Dua

Negotiating with heart

Ask questions and LISTEN! Don't use the word "I", we are all in this togehter

Embrace the awkward silence(s)

​Amy Powell

overcoming the negative voice inside your head

3 Life Lessons:

1. My Ego is Not My Amigo

2. My Security is Not Based On My Income. My Security is Based On My Ability to Be Resilient.

3. My Struggles Have Become My Strength

​Lori Muller

conflict resolution - online and off

Remove Emotion- Use your emotional intelligence

Compromise- Its not a win-win situation

Know the personality styles of all parties involved (DISC)

Show Empathy- you understand and show common ground

Creating Clarity in the Complex

In a world where there are so many ways to communicate - it is ironic that one of the biggest issues causing frustration and confusion is communication.

We are thrilled to shine a light on Dani Vanderboegh, Leslie Guiley, Julia Lashay, and Heather Elias today. Each of these leaders is here to share ways you can cut through the chaos to improve communication between you and your clients, teams, and your entire organization!

"Share your key takeaway in creating clarity in conversation with others and/or yourself.."

​Dani Vanderboegh

Using your voice through writing and why it is so important - especially for women; our stories matter!

Leslie Guiley

What the Camino taught me about clarity in the complex

Takeaway - we can’t change the mountain but we can control how we arrive at the path

Get out of your own way!

Julia Lashay

We don't all start in the same place! Equity helps those who seek opportunities to have access to them! Inclusion is the glue.

Celebrate a rich tapestry - have a sense of belonging

Heather Elias

Using core values to guide your communication

Leading Under Pressure

Our final session is about Leading Under Pressure.

Let’s face it, every leader faces stress regardless of title, experience, or personality. The stress struggle is real, and in today’s work environment one thing’s for certain – stress can define who you are if you let it.

Regardless of whether the pressure is self-imposed, from your boss, team, or the situation itself, how you respond matters most.

Today, leaders will share how they have navigated the pressures of leadership - amid hurricanes, career changes, and the ever-changing, fear-based messaging about the market.

Get ready to hear Tiffany McQuaid, Ginger Wilcox, and Kymberley Dumas share their advice about leading under pressure. "Share some of your key takeaways when you feel pressure in your work.."

​Tiffany McQuaid

It doesn’t matter what is brewing… get ahead with your communication and the plan. Comfort them. Show intense caring.

Ginger Wilcox

Eliminate distractions! BELIEVE THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!

Kymberley Dumas

There is no success without trial. When you're managing so much, it is only natural to feel pressure and sometimes anxiety. For me, I feel it and once I find my flow it comes naturally.

Not only did we come together to share experiences on stage, but over sips+snacks during the WomanUP! + What Moves Her MeetUP in the Cypress Executive Lounge! Thank you to Anywhere's What Moves Her team for collaborating with us for this intimate networking session!

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