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CircleUP! Wisdom Session * Building A Purpose-Filled Business

CircleUP Guides:

  • Tami Bonnell, CEO, Co-Chair EXIT Realty International

  • Kama Burton, Broker/Owner, CMB Realty Services

  • Sabrina Brown, Broker/Owner, Brown and Brown Real Estate

  • Kili Rahbeck, South Tahoe Association of REALTORS® + Broker/Owner KOR Realty

An intentional, purpose-filled business is the intersection of focused energy, life’s work, passion, and purpose. We are all born with an inherent set of gifts, skills, and tendencies that make us brilliantly unique. Our life experiences sharpen, sculpt, and shape us to contribute to this world in a capacity only we can fill. On the journey of awakening and enlightened entrepreneurship, we can align our soul’s purpose and natural talents with the work we do and how we make a living.

The joy of flow, the joy of fulfillment, the joy of doing work that is in our zone of genius where we can make our mark.

During this session, we will explore what it looks and feels like to look at your company through a purpose-filled lens AND share wisdom that will help you make the changes needed to strengthen and intentionally grow your business in 2023 and beyond!​


Let’s talk about how each of you has built a purpose-filled business.

Tami Bonnell:

  1. Live your mission statement

  2. Human Potential

  3. The Dream Manager

Kili Rahbeck:

  1. I started at a brokerage that I loved - they provided things that others weren’t providing at the time and then it started to change and so did I

    1. So I learned to change and create something that I was passionate about

      1. Homebuyer Credits

      2. Vet Credits

      3. Community Involvement

Kama Burton:

  • Creating Your Vision Board Seeing is believing - When Creating a vision board.

    • Canva (create)

    • Host a Vision Board Party with friends and/or family

      • If you do this amongst business friends, have someone sponsor

    • Very inexpensive:

  • Posterboard

  • Glue

  • Stickers

  • Color pencils

  • Printer or Magazines

  • Time

  • Being intentional about where you to be

    • Before creating the board, write your goals out

      • Use S.M.A.R.T goals (do you have a link to a resource you use?)

    • “A Vision without a goal, is just a dream“

    • When you complete:

      • Cross it off or put a date of completion.

      • Write out what you did to complete it and how it made you feel

    • Share it with someone you trust.

      • Mentor

      • Accountability Partner

      • Coach


This is a great place to add the names and links to books, podcasts, and other resources!

  1. Tami:

    1. Go For Stupid

  2. Sabrina

    1. Eat that frog

  1. Kili

    1. Atomic Habits:

    2. Set yourself up for success


Connect with these experts:

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Learn more and connect with Kili Rahbeck

Instagram: @kili_or @KORrealty

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