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Reflecting on WomanUP!® 2019

WomanUP!®️ has been one of the proudest moments of my career. I am awe-inspired by the electric energy we experienced at WomanUP!® 2019. I want to take a moment to acknowledge everyone who made WomanUP!®️ 2019 an overwhelming success. Thank you to…

...the amazing leaders, who - through your passion and grit - made it without WomanUP!®️ to support you all these years. You didn’t need WomanUP!®, yet you share your wisdom with us, you mentor us, you show up and you are present with us. YOU are the amazing women who are the role models that will inspire our future leaders because they saw YOU do it. We need you. Please - Keep. Showing. Up.

...the women who aspire to take a chance on themselves. Who saw themselves in one or many of the over 80 diverse voices on our stage. We see you, we hear you and we are here for you.

...the amazing supportive men who lift the women in their lives up. Who showed up. Who were equally inspired by the stories of overcoming tremendous adversity. Who mentor, sponsor and advocate for women. We love you. Thank you for showing up and standing beside us. We cannot and do not want to do it alone.

...the women who got out of their comfort zone to share their stories on stage. Who's stories made us laugh and cry more than we ever have in a professional setting. Who stood up and raised their hands. Who were raw, authentic, funny as hell and ON FIRE. Some were never asked to speak before and yet shared openly and honestly on stage, flawlessly. Thank you. Without your amazing stories and courage to share them, these two-short days would not have been coined the "BEST. CONFERENCE. EVER." by too many to count.

…the amazing team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, day in and day out, late nights and many weekends, to ensure each of our attendees had an amazing WomanUP!® experience. Thank you.

Cheers. Xo


Photos above from Sara Sutachan, Referral Exchange, and Nina Dosanjh.

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