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Final WomanUP!® Live Show of 2023

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

We rolled out the virtual red carpet to celebrate wisdom, insight, and inspiration! 

We highlighted a sensational lineup of past Speakers, Wavemakers, and Sponsors, so be sure to grab your journal and pen - you will definitely want to take notes.

Our guests shared their most profound lessons from the past year and/or invaluable advice for navigating the challenges and triumphs of 2024. 

We all shared our heartfelt gratitude for Debra’s seven years of leadership and wished her well on her new journey. See the notes for additional details.

Here are some highlights from the advice and lessons shared!

Tami Bonnell

2023 lesson: Every single person needs to be encouraged. Say it. Recognize them.

2024 advice: 1. Know what you want. 2. Why you want it. 3. How bad you want it. 4. Who benefits if you succeed?

Sandra Miller

2023 lesson: My time remaining is not unlimited, so I spent 2023 trying to determine what I want the remaining time to look like. So my best advice is do not be afraid to look at what you are doing and make changes 

2024 advice: Ignore the noise, keep your head down, and focus on client service.

Claudia Diaz 

2023 lesson: I lost my Lifelong Mentor and Real Estate Professor in October. I held the weight and partial guilt for not spending more time with her. I've learned to let go of the guilt by understanding the Blessing that God gave me and on the other hand be grateful for all she taught me.

2024 advice: Continue to shine your light!!!! Do not apologize for your success as it is aYour Blessing that the Lord has gifted you! On the other hand Keep shining to enlighten others along your Journey called “Life”

Adonae Faris

2023 lesson: When something big and exciting is presented to you, Say YES and then figure out the details. The more saying YES pushes you into discomfort, the bigger the leap in growth. 

2024 advice: Let go of expectations and preconceptions. Don’t assume you know the outcome or let a limiting belief stop you from taking action. Shoot your shot and see what happens!

Bernice Ross 

2023 lesson: Together we’re better in both our business or personal lives

2024 advice: Follow the energy–when you keep running into obstacles, course correct–don’t wait. Two examples, the DOJ and FTC are driving for buyer brokerage–embrace it  and, the four “magic words” to unlock incredible results on Chat GPT4, “Using the Python app…”

Cathy Scharetg 

2023 lesson: Eyes wide open, confident and poised, capable of doing big things at all times. Stay curious, connected, and compassionately engaged ps- naps are big things too. 

2024 advice: I keep reminding myself, “You got this, only always…that is how often things work out…only always.

Christine George 

2024 advice: My advice would be to surround yourself with people who see you, who believe in you, and who lift you up and do the same for them. My mom told me this when I was a kid, and I never really understood it until I was much older --> always be true to yourself.

Coni Meyers 

2023 lesson: The biggest lesson for me was to accept I was worthy. As someone on this panel pointed out to me, I had the worst case of "imposter syndrome" of anyone she had ever met. After one of our big joint board meetings, I got off the call, sat and cried tears of gratitude and realized, these incredible people had said "yes" because they believed in me. It was a game changer for me.

2024 advice: When challenges show up, know that they are merely course corrections and what I call Crystalline Moments. Each one provides a gift or opportunity. You may not know what that looks like yet but if you believe there is a gift, no matter how bad it is, you will be able to move forward and the gift or opportunity will show up.

Dani Vanderboegh

2023 lesson: When you’re stuck, drained, stressed or pressed, it’s OK to take a step back rather than putting the pressure on yourself to have all the answers, get it all done,  or find a way through a problem.

2024 advice: Give yourself the grace to take a step back, consult a friend and sleep on it. It’ll work out, probably because your genius kicked in, and you’ll figure out your next move. 

Donelle DuFault 

2023 lesson: When I exercise, I feel sharper and clearer.

2024 advice:  Stay Connected: Keep in touch with family and friends. Strong relationships are key to happiness and support.

Hilary Saunders

2023 lesson: Leadership is an evolving art. To truly make a difference, you must bring your authentic self to the table and share your own insecurities and vulnerabilities and from that place of understanding, lead through strength, wisdom and encouragement. 

2024 advice: Look to your own experience and history to see the 30K level of what is happening in our industry. Don’t let yourself miss the forest through the trees and with that vision and steadfastness, you will be a great pillar of strength for your community. 

Irma Herrera 

2023 lesson: The power of women’s networks. Every opportunity to present my work, whether at theaters, conferences, or on zoom, was the result of my women colleagues. Being part of women circles outside of where I typically work (one great example was WomanUP!), has been enormously enriching. Thank YOU!

2024 advice: make your health and well-being a priority. Spend time outdoors, a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood in the morning, or during lunch. Dancing to your favorite tunes while putting on makeup or cooking. Movement is key to good health and so is kindness and compassion, to yourself and to those around you.

Laine Kostegian 

2023 lesson: Debra said it best in her session at Seabird… “LET THEM.” Whether it be folding towels, or how someone approaches their business - there’s a level of peace in relinquishing the need to control. 

2024 advice: stay in your magic!

Laura Monroe 

2023 lesson: Don’t be afraid to detach and let go from what or who is taking energy from you and keeping you from reach your full potential for happiness and health. 

2024 advice: Guard and protect your greatness for the people you want to share it with and impact the most.

Leslie Rouda Smith 

2023 lesson: 

2024 advice: 1. Take care of yourself. 2. Let’s keep empowering and lift each other up. 

Luisa Zepeda 

2023 lesson: Believe in yourself and be the little light that ignites others. 

2024 advice: Continue to shine.

Melissa Sofia

The biggest lesson I learned is that the only thing consistent is change. The highest form of energy is not love. It's actually authenticity. Relationships travel at the speed of vulnerabilities. So don't be afraid to be vulnerable, which we've learned is so valuable in this community.

Pam Blair 

2023 lesson: TRUST- trust in myself; trust in the process; trust all of my internal nudges; trust in the evolution and perfection of everything even if I don’t understand it. TRUST.

2024 advice: BE FEARLESS. I am simultaneously taking on some big things in 2024 and feeling energized, exhilarated, and terrified. I think that is the most transformational place to be.

Parisha Kinsey 

2023 lesson: - This year was tough for me losing my mother and my mentor within months. So i can honestly say i was in a slight depression. The lesson I learned was to be intentional with everything you do. Intentional with relationships, career and time.

2024 advice: Write down your goals for the year and make an action plan to achieve them. I believe each year you should be growing.

Renée Roqué 

2023 lesson:  This year has flown by and has given me the opportunity to do a ton of introspective work and getting to know Renee in ways I have not had a chance in years due to “busy”. Grateful - don’t be too busy to take time for yourself. My son went to college 2020 & during that his life I was so rushed…18 years? Time flies so enjoy the moment. 

2024 advice: Keep your tribe near and show up as your authentic self everyday. You are worth it and others around will appreciate you for it.

Slow Down…listen, be present

Sherry Chris 

2023 lesson: I retired, but I didn't really retire. As many of you know. I retired 6 months ago, and  I'm still very active on many fronts, which I love. But here's my takeaway that I want to give all of you: you have to look after your health. There are many ways to look after yourself.  I have started, and some of you know this, on a health journey, and I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my life. As soon as you get off this call, sit down and create a healthy pathway for yourself, moving forward, we all have to be in this for a long time.

Tiffany Curry

2024 advice: Think big as women. We often reduce ourselves for the rooms that we're in that has to stop. I think we are in a space of climate and change, where we are moving forward, whether we want to or not. Don't be afraid. It's time for us to go ahead and take the bulls and rise to new heights. This is a new season that we are in. We need to be more transparent. We need to be more Our communities need us, our communities love us. And when I say community, I'm talking about all the people around us, not just in real estate, but the people at home, our family, our friends, we love hard, we deserve to be loved hard back in return.

Sara Sutachan

2023 lesson: Not just a 2023 lesson but a life lesson - you are not alone. Everything I do, have done, and have accomplished was because of COLLABORATION. You do not have to go it alone. 

2024 advice: Slow down and enjoy micro-joys every day because life is short!

Leslie Appleton Young

2023 lesson: To move forward, we need to prioritize friendship and connection. This takes work (thank you Sherry Chris). Take the time to reach out and touch the people you care about, the people who may need a kind word. You’ll find out that you need them even more. It’s a win-win.  Get over the phobia of making a phone call – they are almost always welcome. You’ll be glad you did.  

2024 advice: Seek first to understand: Listen.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply”

 “Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right.” 

“You aren't learning anything when you are talking”

Debra Trappen

2023 lesson: She turned hers into a poem...

2024 advice: 

Start thinking about what you want more of in 2024. Don’t wait for the calendar to change… invest some time uncovering and unleashing your 2024 Guiding Word this weekend. I have been doing this exercise for over a decade and it truly helps me focus on the feelings, people, and moments I want to experience in the year ahead. 

PLUS - you never know where you’ll be able to plant seeds over the next few weeks that will flourish and serve your vision for 2024.

Debra's final love note to us...


Things to gather and share:

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