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I Am a WomanUP!® Business

Guest Blog Author: Beverly Powell

There are some things in life that are difficult to explain while other things automatically and naturally appear and will lead a woman in the direction that leaves a mark in her thinking, her heart, and soul that can never be erased. I stumbled across this exact path a few weeks ago when I saw an advertisement for the WomanUP!® Courageous Reinvention Workshop.

Although the workshop was virtual, I am not sure we could have been drawn together any closer as a group if we were live. The warmth, the smiles, the wisdom, the impartation from our speakers and our leadership team were beyond awesome.

I was pleasingly overwhelmed with the essence of information and the personal experiences that were shared. As a result, allow me to share the things that truly resonated with me.

Every business needs a 5 Star Success Plan or Blueprint to include:

  • An idea or ideas.

  • A definition of what you are offering which determines your business’ value.

  • Appropriate systems and processes in place to operate efficiently,

  • effectively, and successfully.

  • A Team – think about what and who you need on your team. Also, think about how you will build your team to provide quality service that positively impacts your community and ignites the growth pattern of your business.

  • A plan for leader development. Developing strong leaders strengthens your business model and establishes you as cornerstone within the community.

Do you know what it means to WomanUP!®?

For me, it means to accept the challenges in my business and effectively deal with them. It means equipping myself with as much applicable knowledge as possible. It means to be honest, and fair, to understand I can achieve whatever I desire to achieve through empowerment and having the faith that “I can do it”! It means, I am a “Woman Who Rocks in Business”, unafraid to ask the tough questions, ask for the business and run it upwards. It means I will not be anxious but efficient. I will not be afraid to ask for help! I will build strong and genuine relationships as they will be my allies and support systems. Whether you are a one-woman business or a team in business, either way, run it with passion, compassion, business expertise, and finesse. If you do, the business will prove to be a wonderful blessing for you and others. Lastly, have a niche to focus upon as your main line of business (i.e., Divorce, FSBO, Sellers, Investors, Buyers, etc.


  • Know more than just valuation when approaching sellers. Everyone has access to valuation information. Instead, know the differentiation factor – “Why are you different or what makes you different”.

  • Be accountable to yourself, your goals, and your clients. Forget about proving anything to anyone.

  • Keep fine-tuning your strategies and scaling your business: “Know your client base and work it”!

  • Your subconscious is uncomfortable with change. It desires to keep you safe. Instead, step out in faith and go for what you want and deserve openly, honestly, and effectively.

  • You run your business; your business does not run you.

  • Be consistent in your execution of all things concerning your business.

  • You can’t run your business successfully on your ego. So, stop tripping. Ego wants to keep you where you are, and ego is good at doing its job if you allow it!

  • If I want to change my business style to a woman who WomanUPs, I need to master my tasks and make them growth/productivity-oriented. If I am on track the money will flow.

  • To do this, I must love what I do and do it well. AND

  • Protect my time. If it is not on my calendar, it does not exist.

  • Ah, one of my favorites, “Don’t self-limit yourself and don’t believe everything you think. Artificial intelligence and thinking will run you down and out the door if you follow it. It will draw you away from truth and reality into an artificial truthless world. Know the facts. Ask yourself if you know enough to make a quality decision.” If not, you know what do, right?


Be deliberate and intentional in what you broadcast to your clients and your team? Is it fear, worry, OR confidence, power, strength, and faith? Every sales opportunity is an opportunity to lead with knowledge, your heart, and your intuition.


Where does intuition drive its energy from? Your heart is the portal to your intuition (a gut feeling connecting to your heart). We cannot always do business in our head. Instead, connect to your heart in two steps: First, surrender. Stop worrying, stressing about the future, and thinking things must go a certain way. Secondly, connect to your heart. Bring what you love to mind, think of what you are grateful for, then tap into your intuition, which is wisdom driven by loving consciousness.


Release your fear. If you must be afraid of something, be afraid not to ask for the business that will build your business. Even if you are afraid, do it scared, just do it. Remember sales is about serving from your heart. When we make a conscious effort to acknowledge that we are providing quality service, that we have what our potential client needs, our fears will take a lower position in the equation.

To my WomanUP!® sisters and those sisters who are ready to woman up, work at connecting with your clients with emotional intellect. This creates successful sales. Listen with intention to hear them. People feel good when they know they are being heard. Ask qualifying questions that demonstrate you are listening. Do not assume anything. For example: What I hear you saying is_____. Is that correct? Be sure to listen below the surface of what they are sharing with you because asking questions plus listening equals a partnership.

?’s + Listening = A Partnership

Finally, sisters, I wish I could tell it all, but I can’t here. So, I will list a few more key points of interest that will be most helpful. For instance, every opportunity is an opportunity to lead with the heart (emotional intellect). Know what you love and know what your superpowers are. Use them to build your high-quality service-oriented business. Keep a positive I can and will do it attitude and mindset. “You get what you expect, not what you want in business”. Expect great things and plenty of satisfied clients. Declutter your work area so you can think clearly. Lastly, money is a symbol of freedom, power, and time. It is a strong supporter of freedom over your personal time and your life. Save and invest more money than you spend. Plan for your future with a healthy, wealthy retirement.

Friends, this is a small portion of my personal recap of how these workshops impacted me.

My most important takeaway is this:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made which makes me “A Woman Who Rocks in Business”! Therefore, I can manage my business to the next level and beyond.

I am moving up WomanUP!® Style; will you join me?


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