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WomanUP!® Live with Barb Hindle

Updated: May 4, 2022

Join us for a “Shine a Light on Her” conversation with a leader making waves - Barb Hindle, Chief Brokerage Officer at Radius Agent. She is an inspirational, people-oriented leader with a proven talent for driving market share growth and sales by motivating and recruiting top-performing talent.

Enjoy soaking in her wisdom and hearing her fascinating leadership story!


A bit more about Barb:

An inspirational, people-oriented leader with a proven talent for driving market share growth and sales by motivating and recruiting top-performing talent. A natural problem-solver on the pulse of organizational strategies, industry trends, and legal and compliance requirements. Enables sales and operational success with the right tools, technologies, and resources to tackle rapidly changing priorities in highly competitive markets. 36 years in real estate… every role from agent to Chief Revenue at a local brokerage - all the way to Chief Brokerage officer at Radius Agent!


Welcome, Barb! You are new to our community and we are so happy you are here! We would love to hear about your leadership journey… What were the steps on your path that led you to becoming the CBO at Radius Agent?

I started working in real estate while I was still in college. I thought I would do it for six months or so. I soon realized that it was the perfect career path for me. I transitioned to management in 2003, because I realized serving agents was more fulfilling to me than serving clients.. That led to 15 years of managing three different real estate branches. One was rural, one was suburban and one was in the heart of downtown Seattle. It wasn't until 2017 that I moved to the executive level. My position at that firm was eliminated in early 2021. I had a one year non-compete, and I joined Radius in February of this year.

As you look back, tell us about your favorite business lesson. Perhaps it was learned during a risky move that didn’t pay off, a challenging project, or while hiring or firing a team member. How did you address it? Did you ask for help?

My favorite business lesson comes from working so hard that I made myself sick. This lesson is on me. No one made me do this. I did it to myself. I love challenges, but sometimes I push myself too far. I had to get over the worry of disappointing other people. I also learned that I can’t survive without a great team to lean on.

Would you do anything differently now?

Yes, and I have learned to take more breaks, and to say no when it is not necessary that a project be completed by me specifically.

This month’s theme of Building and Nurturing Your Community Influence. One of the biggest obstacles to getting involved in things like politics, joining boards, or becoming a community advocate is TIME. One of the most popular words in our survey this year on what the members of our community wanted to learn was DELEGATION! How have you leveraged the power of delegation in your career?

Admit to yourself that there are things that you are just not that good at. Have the confidence to acknowledge that, and delegate to those who are good at it. Also, when you have too much work, delegate to people who you trust. Trust is so important in the workplace. I had the opportunity to take over a large suburban real estate office when the previous manager left for a competitor. His decision to leave was part of a master plan to take many agents with him to that competitor. My first days and weeks were spent signing off the licenses of people I hadn’t even met. 50 out of 100 left in my first few months to join their previous managing broker.

Fortunately, I wasn’t alone. I had the greatest assistant manager. He took over the mentoring and much of the training, as we hired 50 new licensees in 18 months. We really saved the branch together.

We love the stories of how mentorship impacts careers. What is your most treasured advice from or experience with a mentor?

Unfortunately, I have never had an individual in my real estate career who acted as my mentor. I have done this for others though, and I have people I haven’t directly worked with in ten years, who continue to interact with me as their mentor. I find it totally fulfilling, maybe the best part of the business. I am particularly grateful for the mentoring I have done with the hardest working people, those without privilege. People who work very hard have my undivided attention. I am just drawn to helping them.

Another topic of interest in our community is building teams and attracting agents. I know you have a passion for recruiting - would you please share 2 or 3 of your favorite talent attraction tips with us?

1-I work for a company that literally builds a team for team leaders at no additional cost.

2-Offer a suite of products to agents that place the agent first, and not the firm.

3-Provide personal branding to both individual agents and team members. Again, it is about them, not the company.

Before we ask you for your final words of wisdom… would you please share a few books or podcasts you LOVE and recommend to other leaders in your life?

Books: Servant Leadership in Action by Ken Blanchard The Gifted Boss by Dale Dauten

Barb, it’s time for your final words of wisdom…

“Fortune favors the brave” In other words, no one is going to elevate your career like you can, so take chances, push the envelope. “When people show you who they are, believe them”

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