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Join WomanUP!® at REImagine!

Updated: Mar 6

Summer Break is over, and we're thrilled to unite the community on the WomanUP!® Live Show! Join us to discuss our plans at REimagine, the final four months of 2023, and how we can support each other!

What sessions are you looking forward to at REimagine?

Take this opportunity to shine a light on your sessions, committee meetings, etc.!

  1. Jackie Soto

  2. Donelle DuFault - Business Planning, Regional, Opening Session, Women’s Council Installation

  3. Adonae Faris - WomanUP! Track, 2024 Housing Forecast with Jordan Levine, MLS Policy Committee

  4. Renée Roqué - BROKER CON - 9-4 - Communications - so many fabulous resources for our Members, Share University -, Harnessing Headwinds: Successfully Navigating Change and Adversity - Female Fighter Pilot!! Warrior Lieutenant Colonel Nicole "FIFI" Malachowski

  5. Claudia Diaz

  6. Keri White

You are each involved in helping us during the WomanUP!® Summit next week. (SHARE SUMMIT FLOW) What are you excited about?

  1. Adonae Faris - Connecting through shared learning and support of each other. My first WomanUP! Event in June was amazing, and I’m excited to give back with my own best practices for recruiting and retention. Release your imposter syndrome.

  2. Jackie Soto

  3. Renée Roqué - Kill Fred in the Head - Connect with someone avoiding you to help them feel welcome

  4. Claudia Diaz

  5. Keri White

  6. Donelle DuFault - I am excited to give some tips to help everyone business run abit smoother. Tips I wish I started using 10 years aga.

What is your favorite piece of advice to share with REimagine Conference attendees? We have quite a few first-timers!

  1. Jackie Soto

  2. Renée Roqué - Breathe… it can be overwhelming to breathe and look at your schedule, make a plan & also give grace if you discover something else more intriguing. Do engage! Check out a Committee Meeting and observe your Association at work.

  3. Claudia Diaz

  4. Keri White

  5. Donelle DuFault - Pop into some committee meetings listen, it just might ignite a new passion

  6. Adonae Faris - Sit in the front of the room and speak up if you have a question or comment. You’re not an imposter, you’re a necessary voice and there to learn.

Get ready to join us at REImagine! Conference & Expo!

Join us for next week's show!:

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