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WomanUP!® Live: WaveMaker Takeover w/ Audrey Lollis. Laine Kostegian. Karen Stone

Updated: Mar 7

Join Rhonda Keliipio, Kama Burton, and Jocelyn Lomahan on Friday, 5/26, as they chat with Karen Stone of Engel & Völkers Park City and Audrey Lollis and Laine Kostegian of Rocket Mortgage.

We are continuing our WaveMaker Takeover as we introduce you to some women you will meet, greet, and connect with at the 2023 WomanUP!® Retreat.

Welcome! Let’s start at the beginning… YOU! Please introduce yourself! Share who you are, where you are, and WHY you love doing what you do!

  1. Audrey Lollis I am an Executive Loan Officer with Rocket Mortgage and I’ve been originating loans since 2003. I grew up and am local to San Diego.. I originate loans and have referral partners on both the West and East Coast. I truly believe in the dream of homeownership and helping families achieve that dream leaves me feeling AWESOME!

  2. Karen Stone I am a Realtor by day, aspiring stand up comedian and speaker by night, and a consummate conference attendee, which is how I met the women from WomanUp! I was born in Southern California, college in the Midwest, a New Yorker for 15 years, and now a mountain girl living in Park City, UT. I still sell real estate in NYC in addition to selling in Park City. I aspire to be the person who always has the connection, whether it’s for an entrepreneur, a real estate client, or a tourist. As a realtor I love being creative with marketing by using techniques that most agents don’t, mainly through video marketing.

  3. Laine Kostegian I am a strategic sales director with Rocket Mortgage, I live in Detroit Michigan just down the street from our HQ but broker relationships across the country. I’m passionate about connections and love being the conduit for all real estate professionals and the many ways that they can partner with Rocket.

What was your first leadership role?

  1. Audrey Lollis I ran a top lending team as a producing sales manager for another company.

  2. Jocelyn Lomahan I was a manager at Wells Fargo Bank Deposit Processing Center in college.

  3. Karen Stone After being a resident assistant in the dorms at IU, I became the president of the Indiana University alumni association for the metro NY area.

  4. Laine Kostegian I was the student council president of both my elementary and middle schools.

What is the life or leadership advice you give most often?

  1. Karen Stone This is one I heard most recently- it’s not only important to know your own leadership style, but you need to be aware that those working for and with you have varying leadership styles. Once you can define their leadership style then you can lead them.

  2. Laine Kostegian Being a great leader doesn’t mean you need to know the answer to everything. I think of other traits that leaders possess, whom I prefer to follow or model myself after are ; honest, vulnerable, willing to roll up their sleeves, and above all - human.

  3. Audrey Lollis We are always telling ourselves a story about the happenings of our lives. Our stories can create how we feel and act. This is a natural process that we don’t always pay attention to. When we begin to be more aware of our thoughts and stories we can decide if there might be another way to tell the story that is more empowering for us. Journaling helps!

  4. Rhonda Keliipio Helping others realize and recognize they have gifts and talents like no other. Uniquely you and a duty to live out your purpose with excellence. Be teachable, never stop learning and lean into your gifts.

  5. Kama Burton Great leaders are great listeners. Listen to the needs of those you are leading. Their voice and ideas are just as valuable as your own. Also, Read, read and read some more. Leaders are readers. Reader of books and rooms. Many times in your silence, if you can read the room, you can learn more about people than you know.

  6. Jocelyn Lomahan Being a leader, to me, means elevating others to be the best version of themselves. Currently I am the President of San Diego Chapter of AREAA and I get to see the light that shines when empowering others to lead an event or a conversation.

Tell us about a woman in your life who helped you reach a goal or encouraged you to step into your personal power!

  1. Laine Kostegian: My friend Molly Tracy of Vrai Digital. We stepped into entrepreneurship about the same time in very different industries. She is my go-to problem solver, wardrobe stylist and most importantly - my hype woman.

  2. Audrey Lollis This is so hard because there are so many! For this I am going to pick two. Leslie Peraza and Gina Beck. These are two very successful women who I get to talk to every week. We talk about Gratitude, Our Big Goals, Business and Our Families.

  3. Karen Stone Alexa Johnson started out as my VP of the Indiana University alumni association in NYC. Eventually I asked her to help me with my own personal marketing during my early years of my career and she continued to go on to take on major corporate marketing roles for a wide variety of brokerages. She’s the type of woman that many women don’t “get” because she thinks way bigger than most. She can connect dots that people don’t see, and can find a way to fit a square peg into a round hole. TOGETHER WE not only sat as leaders in our alumni association role, but she continues to be my biggest cheerleader, sounding board, and idea creator and executor even when I can’t define the goal.

  4. Kama Burton Donna O’Donelle is a woman I met when I was a part of the MLS committee at my local association. We both ran for BOD at the same time for our local and won. During that time, I learned so much about what she does, both residential and commercial. She taught me and still teaches me the importance of staying connected and encourages me to push towards my goals without excuse.

  5. Jocelyn Lomahan It was a broker I worked for, Mary Ellen Haywood, who encouraged me to fly without a net and become a solo agent…..

6. Rhonda Keliipio

Honestly for me it’s the Proverbs 31 woman. She inspires me. I study her and admire her. She is a wife, mother, friend and successful business woman who also has a heart for people. She is a role model to me of the woman I am becoming. I also have a tribe of women that have been lifelong friends that anchor me, support me and cheer me on.

What are you most looking forward to at the retreat?

  1. Audrey Lollis Sharing thoughts and strategy with other Women of Real Estate and of course making new friends!

  2. Jocelyn Lomahan This will be the 3rd time I’ve attended WomanUp! And each time I’ve been in a different chapter of my real estate career. I’m looking forward to hearing stories from women that have paved the way for us.

  3. Karen Stone I’ve attended a lot of conferences where I play a role. Whether I’m a speaker or an ambassador. After so many years of attending I always tend to know a lot of people and can get overstimulated with all of the familiar faces and conversations. As my first WomanUp event I’m excited to jump into a new pond with an open mind, and open agenda, and no set expectations. Of course, I’m also excited to learn from others and when asked, to share.

  4. Laine Kostegian Genuine connections with incredible women and the ocean.

  5. Kama Burton Hearing from Tiffany Curry and Sara Ware. These women are so powerful in what they do in real estate.

6. Rhonda Keliipio

Not gonna lie, my answer is the wine segment and the beach vibes. Truly the women you meet at this event create a support circle that every woman needs!

It’s time to share your final words of wisdom. Let’s start with you, Meghan!
  1. Karen Stone When faced with making a decision, ask yourself “what’s the best thing that can happen?” “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” And “what’s most likely to happen.”

  2. Laine Kostegian Just breathe - there is nothing that you can’t solve for.

  3. Audrey Lollis You can trust yourself.

  4. Rhonda Keliipio: Be kind to yourself. Stop saying negative things about yourself. Be reminded that God hand chose every quality you have!

  5. Kama Burton: Push through the barriers and break each and everyone of them. Life will bring us challenges, but if we can push through those, there is no limit to what we can do.


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