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EmPower Hour with Bertina Power, “ABCD’s of Successful Entrepreneurs”

Join our POWERhouse presenter, Bertina Power as she shares, in detail, the ABCD’s to being successful!

“ABCD’s Of Successful Entrepreneurs”

Success is a decision! Attendees will be emPOWERed and motivated to make a decision to be successful this year by getting back to the basics. For a while now, real estate professionals have been in a market that brought deals right in the front door. Now we must return to the habits that make anyone successful, if followed daily.

Bertina Power: …Presents ABCD’s of Successful Entrepreneurs

A - A Positive Attitude/Mindset

  • Have a solid foundation in your mind! Our mind changes things for us. Continuously thinking negative will attract negative. But positive thoughts will help open things up for you! The Law of Attraction plays a huge role here.

  • If you believe all your business has to offer is positive, then your business will expand in that manner!

  • Wrong attitudes will not allow you to manifest your goals! Positively believe in what you’re looking for.

  • Self confidence, self management, and empathy sets you apart as a successful individual.

B - Build Relationships

  • Be visible, engaged, and personable with those around you - BE YOU!

  • “It takes CONTACTS to make CONTRACTS”; the difference in the words is that letter “R”, which reflects RELATIONSHIP(S) building. These relationships will not grow overnight. But building a fruitful relationship will benefit you in the end.

  • Communicate: Who You Are, What You Do, and How You Help!

C- Calendar EV-ERY-THING.

  • Time management is one of the most powerful skills in success. This will help you reach your goals in your career AND in your personal life. (That includes your transition time from A to B).

  • Build your calendar and plan accordingly! There are 1440 MINUTES IN THE DAY - calendar all your to-dos, make everything an appointment.

  • 5 Hacks

    • Write it down: Put it on paper so you can be accountable for getting it done.

    • Break down the goal; set some mini-goals to make the big goal attainable with small steps!

    • Give yourself a nudge. Get ahead of the desire to give up. Set yourself up with reminders to let you know something is coming up.

    • Be a matchmaker: pair things you ‘want to’ do with things you ‘have to’ do! Kill two birds with one stone.

    • Make a date with yourself to check in with yourself!


  • Your business is your database!

  • Personalize your communications!

The Three Cs

You must make the CHOICE to take the CHANCE if you anything in life to CHANGE!

Learn about Bertina Power

Bertina M. Power, is an author, motivational speaker, real estate broker, and success strategist. Bertina is the oldest of four children, a proud native Chicagoan and is the President and CEO of Queen B Media, Inc. She is the author of the prolific, yet practical guide to accessing and releasing the true power within entitled “The Power of You!” Bertina unveils the necessary actions that encourage personal success and growth. She helps others release ‘stifling beliefs’ so they are no longer confined by internal or external barriers. Her larger than life presence exudes confidence, authenticity, fearlessness and of course POWER to everyone she encounters.

Bertina graduated Magna Cum Laude from one of the oldest HBCU’s, Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Bertina loves to play tennis, swim, ride horses and travel; she has visited such locations as Paris, London, and Ghana, West Africa. She has two sons, Brandon and Haydon and in December 2017 she partnered with the Educational Advancement Fund (EAF) to establish a scholarship endowment fund in honor of her youngest son who has severe cerebral palsy. This partnership will provide scholarships to students with special needs who seek to excel in higher education. A percentage of all book sales will go toward funding this scholarship.

Bertina is a woman of many talents and who wears many hats, managing her numerous accomplishments with courage, grace and perseverance. Her leadership qualities combined with her interpersonal skills, personal values, and clear goals have been the catapult for her advancement to where she is today. She is a professional Real Estate consultant with over 20 years of real estate experience, has been seen on HGTV, has years of new construction sales experience and is a trusted advisor in the urban real estate markets. She also consults with business professionals as a Success Strategist and is highly sought after.

Whether business or community involvement, her goal is to leave a “Legacy of Leadership” wherever she goes. Bertina says her philosophy on life and what keeps her going is an abiding belief that her work truly helps people and that no one is you, and that is your POWER!

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