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Coffee & Conversations with Leslie and Sandra Miller!

Since the inception of WomanUP! Sandra Miller has been there supporting the program and inspiring us all. She is a top producer and the principal broker leading Engel & Völkers' thriving Santa Monica shop, where high-end real estate in an uber-competitive market demands the highest level of customer service, knowledge of the luxury market and discretion. She is also a former speed skater, another example of how sports and real estate make good company. I recently had the opportunity to have Sandra on the show and my mind is still reeling from her intelligence, focus and vulnerability. Here are my Top Ten Takeaway “Lessons” from our conversation.

· Single mindedness is a mainstay for building a business

· I’ve been determined from a young age to be right where I am

· I never doubted myself. I did the research never looked back

· You have to trust your instincts and believe that everything is going to be okay.

· I didn’t reinvent myself, I just applied everything I had learned to building my own business

· If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards, so march on.

· Take a breath and think about what you want, what you are good at, and then design your job to fit what makes you happy.

· Lesson learned the hard way: Healthy respect for money and how to save it

· Keys to success? Nothing exciting, just plain hard work and loyalty

· I listen to the client’s needs and provide what they are telling me they want.

Here is the link to our conversation:

Learn more about Sandra Miller:

Sandra Miller is the principal broker leading Engel & Völkers' thriving Santa Monica shop, which was the first Engel & Völkers shop to open in California. With numerous prestigious real estate awards and accolades to her name, Sandra is also notably one of only a small number of Engel & Völkers brokers to achieve a Private Office Advisor designation.

Sandra's success is due in part to her years in a corporate realm prior to moving into real estate. That serves her particularly well for the Santa Monica and West Los Angeles marketplace, where residential real estate demands keen negotiating and decision-making skills.

Sandra maintains that the business of real estate goes far beyond completing successful transactions. She believes that real estate is, ultimately, a personal service, so her clients turn to her as a reliable reference long after their home buying or selling is complete. Sandra's personally selected team follows the same principals, working together with her to bring a level of boutique service to Santa Monica that real estate customers have never before experienced.

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