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Coffee & Conversations - Are you ready for your new season?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We have a very special show for you focused on growing your network within the context of giving back to your community.

Joining Leslie are Gina Piper, Piper Moretti, and Kendyl Young.

You know that knowing feeling, when there’s a calling for you to make a change? Whether it's voluntary or not, we all have experienced inflection points in our lives. This conversation will help us see that making the leap into this next calling shows us how the future can be FULL of possibilities.


At our wonderful WomanUp! Conference at the end of August I was honored to facilitate a conversation with three remarkable women from our industry who have, in different ways, recently “turned a page”. It is a topic I have spent a lot of time thinking about as well and whatever next chapter you might be contemplating on whatever time frame, I think you will find the insights shared here helpful. Welcome Gina, Piper and Kendy and thank you for joining us.

For today’s conversation I want to start with the first topic from the last panel, where you each told us about the big change or changes you have made in your professional life. This way everyone who is listening who may not have attended will know what you made happen and why.

Gina: Moving to Maui

Piper: Crypto!

Kendyl: I’ve sold homes for 36 years and obsessed with the real estate industry for most of that time. Unlike many, I’ve never done anything else. I launched ADU DIGGS as a charming side hustle, but it has become a new obsession. ADU DIGGS is my main focus.

Next, having reviewed our prior conversation there were several themes that came up more than once that I would like to explore further. First off – the imposter syndrome. Do you know it? Have you had it? What did it feel like? Have you been able to “kill the beast” and if so, how? Advice for our community?


Kendyl: welcome the the under current of my daily life. I vascilate between “I’ve never done anything original or barn burning-ly special” and “there are a lot of people more successful/wealthier/bigger than I am”. The obviously conclusion is that I don’t know how to make a successful business in a completely new industry. I mean, like, it’s OBviouse, right?


Another frequent comment had to do with becoming comfortable with “not knowing.” Was that a challenge for you? How did you overcome it? Was it essential to starting a new chapter?

Kendyl: I am more comfortable with not knowing then doing the same expert things over and over. I am easily bored so… new? Yeah, bring it, baby. New chapters are where I feel alive, but I really like my hubs- so new business, hell yeah!



Next – a sensitive topic to be sure – MONEY! Describe your relationship with money before and after – if that applies. What had to change about how you approached money for your new career to take off.


Kendyl: I decided to go all in on ADU DIGGS when I decided to believe our financial future was secure. I am not sure I could have committed if I hadn’t. But, I don’t think my attitude toward money has changed. I still don’t like to spend it and I am never certain more of it will show up. This means I am still unlikely to spend big ahead of revenue. I probably need to change that attitude to grow fast…


Finally , the challenge of taking care of myself first is perhaps even harder when transitioning to a new life. What does that look like for you and how successful have you been at doing this? How about some advice for anyone who struggles with setting boundaries, especially with themselves.



Kendyl: I remind myself, sometimes hourly, that I am “retired” and doing the fun things. The biggest shift is reminding myself that it is ok to fill empty spaces in my calendar with fun activities instead of work. Or… to just have empty spaces. In the past non-work spaces on the calendar were a sign of failure! I am not doing very well with the empty thing, but I am doing more of “the things” and happy with my progress.

Stay til the end to hear our guests answer Leslie's Rapid Fire Questions!

Now for our ever - popular Rapid Fire Segment: ( with thanks to James Lipton the Actor’s Studio)

Top 10 Rapid Fire Questions

  1. What is your favorite word? Your least favorite word?

  2. What turns you on? What turns you off?

  3. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

  4. How do you define success?

  5. What is one memory that will stand out for you from the last two “pandemic years” ?

  6. If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before starting your career, what would it be?

  7. Biggest regret?

  8. Do you have a morning routine that sets you up for a good day? What does it look like and how easy or hard is it to stay committed to it?

  9. Tell us about a person who has had a meaningful impact on you and why?

  10. IIf Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?


Learn more about:

Gina Piper:

Gina Piper is a 5'2" powerhouse! She believes that buying and selling real estate should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience and embraces four simple principles — service, fun, service, and fun. Following the pack is NOT one of Gina’s strong points. Good thing she wasn’t born a wolf, or worse yet, a sheep, although she could be described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing due to the undeniably fierce client representation and loyalty that she’s known for. All fun aside, this 27 year real estate veteran is a force to be reckoned with.

Piper Moretti:

Piper Moretti is the Founder and CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, a Los Angeles-based firm specializing in conducting real estate transactions with cryptocurrency and the only REALTOR® in California who has completed 5 bitcoin transactions to date. Piper is a licensed international luxury REALTOR® at eXp Realty, as well as a Certified International Property Specialist, the only international designation recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®. She is an appointed member of NAR’s Cryptocurrency Presidential Advisory Group, President of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association and will serve as Vice Chair for CAR's Business and Technology Forum for 2023. Piper teaches her Crypto x Real Estate course to brokerages and real estate professionals, and was awarded the 2021 Excel Series Instructor of the Year with eXp. Her speaking engagements include Inman Connect New York 2018, 2019 & 2022, IBM Blockchain Bash, National Settlement Services Summit,'s Results Summit, BlockShow, Blockchain Expo North Americas, International Blockchain Real Estate Association’s 2nd Annual Conference and UCLA Cyber Days. Piper has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine,, Mansion Global, Luxury Real Estate Magazine, Commercial Observer, Business Insider, Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph and was ranked #1 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 8 Influential Women Making Headlines in Blockchain.

Kendyl Young: Kendyl Young is a 36-year veteran Realtor, semi-retired owner/broker of DIGGS, and co-founder of ADU DIGGS, a company providing high-end ADUs without the high-end price or hassle. She is an in-demand speaker, with multiple appearances on Inman Connect, CAR ReImagine, Performance Coaching, and Glendale Tech Week stages. She has guest lectured for UCLA and USC School of Business and contributed to multiple real estate books and national magazines. Kendyl is an ADU evangelist- educating and inspiring everyone on how to use ADUs to improve lives and solve housing needs.


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