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Coffee & Conversations with Leslie!

Leslie was joined by special guests, Bernice Ross and Coni Meyers. These ladies had an amazing conversation about reinvention and discovering their "next chapters".

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I recently kicked off Coffee and Conversations for 2022 talking about reinvention and next chapters with two of my favorite industry icons - Bernice Ross and Coni Meyers. They have both contributed to the real estate brokerage industry for many years, as coaches and influencers, writers and educators. (See bios at the end of the post). I knew that they would both have some interesting things to say about reinvention because they have done it themselves multiple times during their storied careers. What I was not prepared for was the depth of awareness and wisdom they had to share as well as, in true WomanUP! fashion, how very personal experiences were often drivers for professional development. Here are some of my takeaway “Lessons” from our conversation.

  • Never failure. When things do not go as planned, big or small, think of it as a mid-course correction. Get up and try again. I either win or I learn.

  • Life’s worst moments can force life-affirming change and miraculous transformation.

  • What is your purpose? If you haven't thought that through before – now is a good time.

  • What you desperately want may not be what you actually need.

  • Don’t load up your schedule (“stuffing the automat”). Take time for you.

  • Concentrate your efforts on what works for you. Pick three goals for the year and stay focused.

  • When you are on the right path, the doors will come flying open. Watch the energy.

  • When you feel trapped in a corner, turn around and look in a different direction.

  • When people tell you who they are, believe them.

  • All you need to do to win is to stay six months ahead of the competition.

  • Giving for the joy of giving has its rewards, just not where you think you will find them.

  • Sometimes what you want is not what you need.

  • When a friend offers you a reality check, cash it.

  • Everything happens for a positive reason (aka crystalline moment).

  • You aren’t perfect - so what?

  • You can find gifts and opportunities in difficult situations through vision, gratitude and celebrating successes.

  • Success comes from happiness, not the other way around.

  • Remember to love who you are right now.

  • Trust your instincts.

  • Surround yourself with people that you look up to and admire.

  • Look at how you can serve the people in your community. The process of giving triggers abundance.

  • “Taste the kitchen”

  • Take 10 minutes every morning to answer these three questions:

    • What are three things I am grateful for?

    • What are three successes from yesterday?

    • What do I want to achieve by the end of today?


Information about Awesome Females in Real Estate

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Bernice Ross -

Bernice is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and CEO and President of BrokerageUP! Inc and Real is an international author, speaker and trainer. With over 35 years of brokerage experience, 1,400 published articles and seven books to her credit, Inman News called Bernice “America’s Top Real Estate Coach.” Since 2007, Bernice has also actively supported women in leadership through her Annual Awesome Females in Real Estate Leadership Conference and ‘WomanUP!

Coni Myers -

Coni is a Crisis Management and Leadership Strategist. She is a 6-time international bestselling author and trainer. Her vision is to help 30 million people be better prepared for disasters and other crises. She spent 7 years as a FEMA inspector and trainer, founded a national home inspection business and an online real estate education company. She has helped 1000s with their leadership, marketing and sales, and has credentials for life, business and leadership coaching. Coni authored several live/online courses. Her most recent the Crisis Knowledge Management Certification, is designed to help businesses to become trusted advisors in their communities. Once they have completed the course, they can offer education to their communities to help others be better prepared. The CKM Advisors, give back and improve their business all at the same time. She also wrote a master course called “Kickbutt Leadership”. Kickbutt is when mindfulness meets vision, opportunity, and engagement.Learn more about

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