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A Fairytale Conference | WomanUP!®️ 2019

Dreams. Come. True. My reflection after experiencing my first speaking opportunity at a major real estate/leadership conference and watching Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil that same week.

The resonating theme at WomanUP!®️ 2019 was being true to yourself. Being your authentic self. It was about learning to bring out the Disney Princess that is sleeping inside just the way you are…without changing a thing! Our uniqueness is what makes us connect with others in profound ways. We don’t have to fit a certain model to be truly happy and successful. We just need to be connected to our spirit and honor it.

I found myself in the eyes of the many women that shared after the panel I shared (with Kama Burton and moderated by Amy Chorew entitled Starting to Dream Out Loud). I saw that longing to connect and be understood and SHARE! We all have adversities that we have broken free from or are struggling to let go. We all have our Disney princess lives that we can relate to. It’s what you want to make of it that is going to make the difference in your life. I was happy enough that I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking! I was overjoyed that I didn’t freeze up on stage – that was my dream come true!

I really wanted to make sure that my share was intentional to support others and not necessarily be about me. Who I was and who I am becoming is important because it’s an impactful life journey that many may benefit from but my intention was to bring hope to others. I have felt that God has favored me all my life, but it wasn’t until I began questioning why that things started to get interesting. Mystical actually. When I reflect on those situations that He has saved me from, I question in silence why am I still standing? What is the mission that he has for me? I began to heal in heaps and bounds this year and I understand now that I am rising up from the ashes just like a phoenix and I am coming back to help save ALL living creatures. The sun shines for everyone and I wish to also help bring light to all who encounter me. God is providing the skills and doors to help me in my life’s journey and all in divine timing.

Just for today I will metaphorically be synonymous with Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty movie. Even though life has thrown all kinds of curve balls and negativity my way it doesn’t mean I shall be condemned to my past life. WE must be the good we wish to see in this world. Showering everyone with love and spreading flowers of forgiveness is the sure-fire way to be rebirthed into a new life. Let our wounds be what fuel us to rise and be the magical sorceresses of GOODNESS and spread it across the land!

Ladies (& gents)! We need to break free from the cycle of reliving our wounds unless it’s for healing! Let go and look up to a brighter future! I grew up in a trailer park. My parents raised five girls on my father’s solo income as a swap meet vendor. I didn’t let that stop me from my goals. I got into USC, UCLA and UC Irvine. I went to USC for two years then got married because my boyfriend at the time got shipped to the Japan through the Navy. I experienced emotional, physical & financial abuse in my first marriage as a young, naïve wife. I attempted to end my life. I carried all these uglies into my second marriage and endured more than eight years of a toxic work environment and an alcoholic second husband. I only share this because if any of it resonates with you and you want to heal from it - reach out to me. I will be an ear and hold healing space for you. I have gone through many more things but in time those shadows will help others.

We all have emotional baggage to heal from. I invite you to pause & reflect and envision how you can transmute that past to heal yourself and help others with your story. Your own life’s purpose will be revealed in divine timing. If you are open and ready to begin unlocking and releasing old patterns I invite you to explore Richard Rudd’s It will change your life and is the best gift anyone will ever share with you. Be sure to pay it forward though.

I am forever in debt to everyone who supported the creation of this grandiose tribe and am thankful for the opportunity to briefly share how I am creating a soul-centered real estate empire with the mission to get low-income families on their path to creating generational wealth whilst giving back in big ways to philanthropic projects and community service. My website is currently under construction but for a sneak peak of my vision visit Meraki means to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself in your work.

For me, WomanUP!®️ 2019 was a happily ever after…until WomanUP!®️ 2020 that is!

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(PS-You will have to go see the movie after you read this if you haven’t already. lol)


Luisa Chavez is a real estate passionista! I am living my dream of building a soul-centered business. I love being a connector & collaborator. I'm on a mission to CREATE generational wealth for as many families as possible while spreading love & light.

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