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8-6 * WomanUP! Weekly LIVE w/ Kendyl Young

Kendyl attended the very first WomanUP!® in 2017 and her story and support are woven into the foundation of the movement. She has been in her very own Courageous Reinvention and is ready to share it with the world - starting here!

Kendyl is a terminally curious SciFi Geek who loves words, food, and laughter.

Kendyl Young is the owner of Kendyl Young Consulting and a 34 year veteran of residential real estate sales. She is a speaker and consultant to agents and teams looking to grow without sacrificing their customer experience.

What her IG profile says...

Nerd, Foodie, Tesla, Hiker. Expert Realtor ready to share 🙌

💰Convert CRM to Cash

⏳Templates to Save Time

🥇Workflows for the Win

👆Website for Deets

AND she’s a 2021 WaveMaker!

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We have our annual event coming up and it is a series of 4 workshops to help us all walk the path of Courageous Reinvention. You’ve been going through your own reinvention! Let’s start there… What have you been cooking up?

COVID gave me the space to ponder. I am really good at selling homes, and the safe thing would be to continue doing it. But we all had to face mortality, yeah? I love to coach and teach. I like thinking about a topic few in real estate leadership seem to ponder… what will make real estating better for the customer? Leadership is focused on stuff related to profitability - I get that, but agents? Agents care a great deal about their customers.

At the same time, agents are running ragged, making less per hour with each passing day. Who is helping them help their clients?

So- I screwed up the courage to launch Kendyl Young Consulting to propagate the idea that better customer experience leads to better everything. I’ll share lots of ideas in my monthly newsletter, sell my workflows and take on a very few coaching clients.

You’ve been with us since the first event… let’s talk about the shifts you’ve seen in the community and industry these last 4+ years!

Women (like me) didn’t even realize what we could do.

We didn’t realize what had held us back (and it isn’t all on the boys, yeah?)

I’ve seen an ASTONISHING amount of growth - in broker owners, team leaders and involvement via mentorship or simple encouragement.

I think the boys better start figuring out how to tap into the Strong Woman’s Network, yeah?

Industry- when we started the industry ws in a GO BIG push. And, man, the big got REALLY big. It is not uncommon for a successful team in LA to do 100 - 250 transactions in a year.

I think we are just starting to come to terms with a new reality where Big is REALLY big, the middle- journeymen agents and boutique brokerages are getting squeezed and getting started is harder than I’ve ever seen.

Things have already changed. The question is… where is the opportunity? Because there is always opportunity in change.

What conversations have you been seeking and starting these days? What’s getting your attention?

I love that agents are hungry for a LIFE - not just a living. Agents want to be more effective ON the job so they can enjoy more time OFF. They are more willing than ever before to do what they hate- Systems and Organization.

I want to talk about transferring the vast wisdom my “class” of agents have amassed to up and coming. We know what makes a smoother way for our customers, but there is no mechanism in place for transferring all the micro details that add up to BETTER. We older agents do stuff from muscle memory - we assume everyone knows this stuff- but they don’t.

You have a couple of items in the Workbook + the VIP Digital Bonus Kit this year. Tell us about what you’ve put together!

Yeah!! Everyone will get a link to my Ten Top CRM Tasks. CRM is a scary elephant in the room, so I chunk things down into that one bite at a time concept.

VIP’s get a special Mini CRM Crash Course where we apply those ten tasks to convert your contacts into cash. I show you the actions you can take to go from databit on a screen to CASH in your pocket. I will eventually record this as an on-demand class for $59 but the WomanUP VIP gets this class FREE.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the community?

Well, there is another passion project happening right now. I launched a prefab ADU company called ADU DIGGS. We think ADUs are the next housing wave as we look to house relatives, get remote work space, and age in place. Prefabs are faster, better quality and a lot less hassle than traditional site built units.

You can find out more at

Where is the best place for the community to connect with you, Kendyl?

Kendyl Young Kendyl Young Consulting


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