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7-17 * Wisdom from Pat Heller

Hello WomanUP!® Community!

Our show kicked off with some announcements from Sara:

  • The California Association of REALTORS® Education Foundation is excited to offer for the second year in a row the WomanUP!® Scholarship.

    • The scholarship application is available today on C.A.R. Education Foundation online section of our website.

    • The deadline to apply for this scholarship is Friday, August 14, 2020. To learn more about the application process and criteria to apply visit us

    • Applicant must be an active REALTOR® member in good standing at the time of submission;

    • Applicant must commit to attending full Conference (September 1-3, 2020);

    • Applicant must fully complete the application (including Applicant’s Story consisting of an essay up to 300 words), and submit by the deadline;

    • Applicant may be required to meet additional criteria.

    • Questions? Email

Leslie shared her economic update. (See below!)

Debra also shared some community updates:

  • Are you enjoying the twice-weekly chats we are having?

  • Are you craving more connection and the ability to dig deeper?

  • Join us for our virtual event 9/1-3!

  • Virtual Passes on sale→

After the updates, our leaders dove into a WomanUP!® WaveMaking Wisdom chat with Pat Heller, Executive Vice President of Compass on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Click the image below to watch the replay.

Prefer to watch it on YouTube? Click here.


Leading In Times of Crisis Series Q+A

Pat currently is an executive vice president of Compass on the Westside of Los Angeles and oversees 5 offices. She previously was an owner of Gibson Intl. prior to selling to Compass in 2018. Pat has been a leader in real estate and coaching/mentoring for over two decades.

"My passion has always been mentoring and empowering tremendous talent in our industry to the highest levels of inspired success and vibrancy possible in their businesses and lives". "I reside in real estate but in truth I am a strategic growth partner to those I collaborate with".

In addition to managing and operating her local offices, she now has developed a role running various California Mindset & Growth classes for agents and hosting Business Growth workshops.

Pat is at the stage in her career where she is focused on building her mentoring role both within Compass and on her own on a personal mission to empower women in growth and voice through collaborating, sharing wisdom and sending a new strong ripple effect out into the world for good!

Q1: What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for leaders right now?

Leading both ourselves and others with compassion and massive positive mindset practices. Focus on what we CAN control and reside in an open/growth mindset with and "outcome focus" - not focusing on "the problem" or closed mindset. I believe how we go through crisis is a metaphor for how we live our lives. This is a time of tremendous growth and learning on so many levels and also massive innovation. We are all connected and we create a ripple effect (of either positive or negative). It is crucial now more than ever that we practice self care and leadership and guide and lead others into possibility, hope and vitality into the future that WE WILL CREATE. It is go time and show time now!! We can do this and we do it together collaborating and empowering each other along the way!

Q2: How about the biggest CHALLENGE?

Not knowing the future and not having control of so much of today. Leading through the unknown. Dealing with self leadership and personal mindset. Work with fear and insecurity. Practicing radical honesty and transparency with others as we forge forward into the different chapters and stages of this. Also leading others through the stages emotionally; meeting each person "where they are" and guiding the way with an undertone of security and safety amidst it all.

Q3: What advice and resources are you sharing the most?

Constant contact and connection in honesty, compassion and patience. Holding workshops and interactive sessions with others. Living on zoom etc. Interviewing business and thought leaders to share wisdom with all agents. Continual legal updates also. Sharing book and personal resources as well.

Q4: What tips do you have for leaders on how to communicate effectively right now?

Communicate often and openly no matter what. Be vulnerable and most importantly honest and transparent about facts and feelings. Lead by example, not by talking only. Radical honesty with all as it can help.

Q5: What is your advice for leaders who are struggling?

Reach out for sharing with someone they can trust. It is certainly not a sign of weakness to ask for support during this time. Talk it out. There is always another way to reframe a thought or struggle no matter what is going on "out there". How we are with ourselves at times like this and our self talk and self judgment are much more damaging than the actual situation. Getting support can just help to get a leader in action again and in a way where their inner dialogue is back into a self affirming and leadership direction. We can always collaborate and solve things better together, especially when feeling stuck and stressed.

Additional Words of Wisdom

We are stronger together and life is so much richer in collaboration with other like minded leaders. The Universe is always there for us and has our backs. I spent a great deal of my life feeling I had to do it all alone to be strong. I have learned the opposite. Let's join together and share our group wisdom to pay all the blessings of life forward.


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