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6-5 * Wisdom from Annette V. Graw

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Hello, WomanUP!® Community!

This week Leslie welcomed a fantastic guest on our WomanUP!® WaveMaking Wisdom show. We are excited for you to get to know Annette V. Graw.

Many of the successful leaders we are watching today possess key behaviors and mindsets that prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead with a fierce focus.

Join these leaders as they share their wisdom on "Leading In Times Of Crisis".

Don't miss Leslie's updates at the end of the show. View her slides here.

Click the image below to watch the replay.

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Show Notes

Meet Annette V. Graw, REALTOR® Emeritus

She was licensed in 1974 and has been a Broker since 1977. Management and Teaching Experience since 1979. Master Instructor for DRE and CAR. Founding Broker South Bay Brokers Inc. 1985-2000. California Distinguished REALTOR® 2003.. B.A. Bacteriology USC, MA Theology Loyola Marymount University. Now Broker Associate NW RealEstate Brokers Manhattan Beach.. Active in many volunteer activities in my church and community.

She is a single mother of two wonderful sons, now five grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Her WomanUP! motto: "Do not be afraid to try new ideas or to re-invent yourself"

Q1: What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for leaders in this time of crisis?

Ability to change because it is mandatory...not just a good idea but essential to survive

Q2: What do you see as the biggest challenge for leaders in this time of crisis?

Fear, confusion, inertia, "but that is the way we always did it" time to re-tool and re-think priorities and to have the courage to follow through

Q3: What advice and resources are you sharing the most?

Lots of history... Interest rates go to 18%... we teach agents to have Sellers carry paper behind the existing mortgage and learn to sell blended yields!... The rise of the franchises and mega offices... and the role of the broker in navigating that sea change.. The "fear" of the disruptors ..."The Lions coming over the Hill"

Q4: What tips do you have for leaders on how to communicate effectively during a crisis and as the recovery process begins?

Be honest and straight forward but have your facts from a reliable source and check with other leaders... Time to truly network. Reach out to those who are less fortunate and struggling.... sometimes a word encouragement will go a long way

Q5: What is your advice for leaders who are struggling, stressed, and/or financially uncertain?

You can either change and thrive or you can fail... It is your choice and no one else's

Additional Words of Wisdom

See my motto... I have re-invented myself time after time and although it was scary, it made me successful and the person I am today.


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