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Shine A Light on Her Interview with Rachel Adams Lee

Updated: Mar 6

Join us for a “Shine A Light on Her” with a leader so many love to follow, Rachel Adams Lee! We are circling UP for a conversation with Rachel about her leadership and life journey. Like many of us, Rachel wears many hats and is known for being a BOSS in each of them!

Welcome. Help our community get to know you. Tell us about your leadership journey…

Rachel: I started my business door knocking $200 a week and doing three open house is a week. I didn’t sell any homes for the first four months. However, I was able to sell 39 homes my first year, and then 109, and then 123. In my third year in real estate, I had hit top 1000 agents in the country. While everything looked amazing on paper, I actually had gone through a really traumatic divorce, I was putting everybody else’s needs in front of my own, and I definitely did not have any work life balance. I went on a journey of self growth, and learned how to set boundaries with my clients, and Learn to love myself. I also decided that I wanted to pour into social media and so I created a business model around that! Last year I received 131 referrals just through social media. I am super passionate about helping my agents on my team, and other realtors around the country, build a life by design, and I launched a coaching company to do that.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate and highlight the achievements of women making HERstory in Real Estate. Let’s talk about some of your proudest moments - so far…

Rachel: It’s funny, because some of my proudest moments are not exactly what I think they would be. My goal is always to get on a stage. I thought that if I had achieved that, everything else would just fall into place. What actually happened was the journey of becoming the best version of myself as I built my business. I focused on my health, I focused on drinking water, I focused on mastering Scripts, I focused on giving back to my community. I did get on that stage, however, I was most proud of the person I became in the process. I stopped trying to create perfection, and instead started to embrace the mess. The process.

I also never really expected to have the fertility journey that I did. I’ve always wanted to be a mama. It was my greatest goal. I’m so thankful that I have three beautiful boys now, but I also had three miscarriages in my journey to become a Mama. I am thankful to be able to share what I’ve gone through with other women because there’s so many of us out there and it’s this silent club and I want to bring love and communication around it so others don’t feel alone.

We love helping the community get off the ground or stand in their best YES …What advice do you have for women who are ready to make their mark?

Rachel: I think it’s really important to find a mentor! There’s so many men out there that are on stages and in magazines and on TV as the real estate professional. I think it’s really important to find women out there that are doing what you want to do at a high-level and surround yourself with them! Some of my greatest mentors I’ve never even met, and they are in a podcast and yet I learned so much from them.

As you look back, tell us about your favorite challenge. Perhaps it was a risky move that didn’t pay off, a project that went sideways, a fork in the road, or a personal mishap. How did you address it? Did you ask for help?

I think about when I was a few months into real estate and I was extremely broke. I was paycheck behind a paycheck and then a very unhealthy marriage. I had to get to a showing, but my gas tank was on empty. That also meant that my credit card was maxed. I remember sitting on my garage floor and crying. I questioned if I was in the right career. In my gut, I knew it was going to be the right career. In that moment, I wasn’t sure. I ended up looking up how to siphon gas from my car to get to a showing. I think some people would have let that break them, but my “why” was bigger than any excuse that I could come up with. I bounced back. And I think about that “rock bottom” moment a lot. But I helped me become who I am today!

Before we get into our Off the Record rapid fire… Would you please share your final words of wisdom? Please include any books or podcasts you LOVE and recommend to other leaders in your life!

Always take the opportunity to show up! You never know who’s watching, you never know who you’re going to inspire, and you never know where your next referral is coming from.

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Learn about Rachel Adams Lee:

Rachel Adams Lee is the founder of The Rachel Adams Lee Group at Keller Williams Realty. She is currently ranked in the top 1% of all Realtors in Placer and Sacramento counties. Since 2015, she has been named “Wall Street Journal’s Top 1000 Agents” in the United States. Her team is anticipated to close $60 million in sales for the year 2023.

Rachel is a 3rd generation Realtor and loves what she does. She is passionate about helping people achieve their real estate goals. Whether you are looking to sell and net top dollar for your home, buy your dream home, or build your investment portfolio - Rachel is the one to make it happen.

She has both in-person and virtual options for viewing homes and purchasing. Reach out to learn more about her successful systems!

The Rachel Adams Lee Group motto is "We live here. We work here. We're here for you."

This deeply rooted sense of community means she and her team are invested in the local market and in their clients. Rachel’s relationship-based business is innovative and utilizes the most up-to-date apps and analytical data to be ahead of the competition and on top of their client’s needs. With a concierge-style business model, there’s a specialist on the team for everyone.

Rachel lives in El Dorado Hills, California with her husband Ryan and their three sons Henry, Harrison and Hayden. Ryan and Rachel own and operate R&R Investments, an investment company that flips homes. They lead an active life and have a love for all things outdoors. Rachel loves to blast great music while creating a healthy meal in their newly-renovated kitchen. She also loves to travel and participate in growth seminars. If you’ve had the pleasure of spending time in Rachel’s presence, you know that she loves deep conversations that end with a hug! She is passionate about living life to the fullest and chooses happiness above all else. Those of you who attended the 2020 Virtual Experience on our private island will recognize Rachel’s name! She joined us for one of the popular lunch and learn sessions - Building Multiple Streams of Income.

Connect with Rachel:

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