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2-26* WomanUP!® Live with Marki Lemons-Ryhal

Hello WomanUP!® Community!

This week's wonderful welcome is for Marki Lemons-Ryhal:

Six-time REALTOR® Conference and Expo featured attendee, one of 100 speakers selected out of over 500 speakers to speak at the REALTOR® Conference & Expo seven times (face-to-face and virtually) with high program evaluations, and an INMAN Closing Keynote Speaker. Marki Lemons Ryhal is a licensed Managing Broker, REALTOR®, avid volunteer, Major Donor, and International Best Selling Author of The Modern Real Estate Professionals Guide to Success. In 2019 Marki was nominated as an RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmaker and inducted into the REBAC Hall of Fame.

Marki Lemons-Ryhal is dedicated to all things real estate. With 30 years of marketing experience, Marki has taught over 500,000 people (face-to-face and virtually) how to earn up to a 2682% return on their marketing dollars.

Marki holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Chicago State University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Xavier University, and sixty real estate related licenses, certifications, and designation.

Click the image below to watch the replay.

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Tell us about the journey to your current leadership role? Were you recruited or did you ask for it?

My family raised me to be a "Leader and Not a Follower".

What advice do you have for other women considering stepping into a leadership role like yours?

Volunteer for positions where you have the most to offer and once you have done a phenomenal job you can request desired committees and other positions.

What topics do you love to mentor others on and teach?

Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, and Social Media

I first ask what they do for others before they ask for mentorship!

Social Media and Technology are my favorite topics.

What is your most treasured advice from a mentor?

Sometimes you have to volunteer more in order to volunteer at the level you desire to volunteer.

Was there anything else you'd like to share during our chat?

The Marki Lemons Ryhal Education Advancement Scholarship and how it is funded.


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