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We’re excited to provide you executive-level courses from your favorite WomanUP!® speakers through our WomanUP!® Academy.


You’ll get online courses that you can take any time, anywhere, to receive your WomanUP!® Executive Certification. Enjoy the benefit of C.A.R.'s professional development courses at an exceptional value.

Individual Course List:

Crystalline Leadership VISION  |  Instructor: Coni Meyers

New Broker's Benchmark (Part 1): Prepare!  |  Instructor: Annette Graw

New Broker's Benchmark (Part 2): Perform!  |  Instructor: Annette Graw

Risk Management  |  Instructor: Suzanne Yost

Nuts and Bolts: The Broker's Day-to-Day  |  Instructor: Judy Sharp

Administrative Staffing: The Human Side of Human Resources  |  Instructor: Lori Namazi

CRM Masterclass: Broker Edition  |  Instructor: Kendyl Young

Building and Sustaining Growth  |  Instructor: Valerie Garcia

Recruit and Retain the Successful REALTORS® of Tomorrow  |  Instructor: Bernice Ross

Empowering You!  |  Instructor: Debra Trappen

Growing Your Brokerage Through Mergers and Acquisitions  |  Instructor: Beate Chellette

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