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7-22 * Wisdom from Danielle Fontes

Hello WomanUP!® Community!

Our Wednesday show kicked off with some announcements from Sara:

Leslie talked about a workshop she attended with Robin D'Angelo, author of White Fragility.

Debra also shared some community updates:

  • Are you enjoying the twice-weekly chats we are having? Are you craving more connection and the ability to dig deeper? Join us for our virtual event 9/1-3! Virtual Passes on sale→

  • Here are some of the topics we will be covering: Sharing Your Voice Starts With Saying Yes

    • Launching a Business During a Pandemic

    • Emotional Intelligence: Your Leadership Superpower

    • Claiming Your Seat on the Board

    • Leaders Rising UP in Crisis

    • Achieving Diversity in Your Organizations

    • Building UP the Women Around You

    • Planning 2021 and Beyond

    • Building Multiple Streams of Income

After the updates, our leaders dove into a WomanUP!® WaveMaking Wisdom chat with Danielle Fontes, Immediate Past President Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS®.

Click the image below to watch the replay.

Prefer to watch it on YouTube? Click here.


Leading In Times of Crisis Series Q+A

Danielle is celebrating 10 years of being a licensed REALTOR®… and a Broker since 2017!

She is a servant-hearted leader who is currently involved in these positions:

  • Immediate Past President Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS

  • Member of the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee for CAR

  • Member for the Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee for NAR

  • Director for CAR and NAR

Q1: What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for leaders right now?

I feel that the biggest opportunity for leaders right now is to be able to lead and be the person that everyone can depend on for motivation and accurate information. People look for leaders in time crisis and this is the time for leaders to step up to the challenge.

Q2: How about the biggest CHALLENGE?

In this COVID crisis I see the biggest challenge is the constant change of rules and regulations. There is not blanket answers that can be used to guide our fellow REALTORS. Everything is based on National, State, County and Local governments rules and it is impossible to stay on top of all of those and who is allowing what.

Q3: What advice and resources are you sharing the most?

I have been telling my peers to just focus on themselves because that is what they can control and use this time to educate themselves and go back to the basics. I have also shared the Step by Step Guide to apply for PUA created by CAR more times than I can count and have received a lot of appreciation for that.

Q4: What tips do you have for leaders on how to communicate effectively right now?

Leaders need to communicate where their audience is. If you need to adjust what your doing to get there than that should be a priority and you need to adapt to what your audience wants.

What is your advice for leaders who are struggling?

Get a dog... If you are leader who is struggling in any way embrace the pause and focus on yourself to figure out what you need to do to give you peace of mind. We have all had some bumps the past few months. I am sure we all have had concerns about finances. I did and after a day of worrying the next morning the first thing I did was create a budget for the year with all my personal and business expenses. Once seeing it on paper that I was going to be good it helped eased my worry. I just needed to prove the voice in my head wrong but that is how I work. Try not to feel guilty about pausing and focusing on yourself. The people you help will appreciate having you at 100%.

Additional Words of Wisdom

"At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you. When you're wavering everything is confusing and difficult, but at the instance of commitment answers and actions fall into place." Barbra Streisand


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