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6-19 * Wisdom from Taunee English

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Welcome WomanUP!® Community!

Listen in as our leaders dive into a WomanUP!® WaveMaking Wisdom chat with Taunee English, Broker, Lion Realty Group. They talk about current events around the Black Lives Matter movement and Taunee shares her truths and thoughts on our leading in times of crisis series questions.

Click the image below to watch the replay.

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Leading In Times of Crisis Series Q+A

Taunee is the 2019 Greater Los Angeles REALTOR of the YEAR! She is the third-year award-winning Real Estate Broker of Lions Realty Group, a ResiMercial Boutique Brokerage serving Greater Los Angeles.

She is a U.S Navy Veteran, and as devoted to entrepreneurship and professional development as she is to our country. Taunee serves as Chair of Professional Development Committee at Beverly Hills Board / Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors and also serves as a State Director, CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Taunee is a strong supporter of Women In Leadership and is President-Elect and one of the founding members of the Women's Council of Realtors Metro L.A./Beverly Hills.

She is co-owner of Autism West Behavior Partners, a Denver Based ABA Therapy Agency providing services to children with autism.

And most of all she devoted daughter to her parents - she plays Twinsie with her mother by doing fashion photoshoots at least three times a year and with her father, she takes to Lakers game who now has the onset of Alzheimer which prompted Taunee to obtain her certificate in Fiduciary Management from UC Riverside and to further her work with families in establishing trusts and avoiding probate.

Q1: What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for leaders right now? What actionable steps can non-black communities do to be part of the solution?

I believe the biggest opportunity for leaders who currently do not have a socially diverse leadership team (gender, race/ethnicity,age) is to examine the "why" and make a concentrated effort beyond “checking the box” initiatives and “tokenism” to create a more egalitarian culture — one that elevates different voices, integrates contrasting insights, and welcomes conversations about diversity. When we have an "active/decision making" inclusive diverse leadership reflective of its membership it will not only improve race relations but improve our industry's public image.

Q2: What advice and resources are you sharing the most?

I am sharing to non-black people, that instead of just reading about race relations, try having a conversation with different black people - Listen and don't share how "not" racist you are and the few instances you may have stood up against racism. Because by listening, you will have a better understanding and may recognize where you may have an implicit bias and should take NAR's Implicit Bias test and look at how you can make a concerted effort to work/hire other races besides your own. To understand that just because someone is of another race, doesn't not mean they will provide inferior services and products.

Q3: What tips do you have for leaders on how to communicate effectively right now?

1) Do not deflect. 2) Listen and acknowledge others feelings and viewpoints without judging or defending. 3) Encourage their team to take the implicit bias test. 4) Create and implement a mandatory diversity sensitivity training. 5) Consult and Listen to the people of the affected group versus speaking for them. 6) Be sure to check in with your intentions - is it out of "white guilt" /self-righteousness" or you really trying to make a difference?

Additional Words of Wisdom

Understand the difference between Diversity and Inclusion.

There’s a quote someone shared with me about diversity and inclusion (paraphrased); “DIVERSITY is being asked to the party, INCLUSION is being asked to DANCE at the party.”


'If you shared about Black Lives Matter, but it's not reflected in your organization's executive leadership team, company board, or publication masthead, I'm not discrediting your sentiment.

I see your gesture, and I appreciate you trying.

The graphic? That was step one.

No. Wait.

Actually, that was the prologue.

If you truly believe that Black Lives Matter, show it by using this moment as an opportunity to learn how to support actual black lives in getting what matters to them.


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