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Welcome, Speakers!

We are so happy you're joining us to share your wisdom at the WomanUP!® 2020 Virtual Experience!


We need your information to put together the contract, as well as get a jump start on putting together visuals on the website and for social media.

It's as easy filling out the form below and sending the pieces of info to get started:

  1. Your concise bio (<5 sentences). 

  2. Your most recent headshot (high res!)

  3. A video: If you have a moment, please make a video sharing WHY you are excited to speak at the event in September.

NOTE: Please do this from your laptop... it does not play well on mobile devices. :)

Have a question? Give us a shout at

Contact Information:

If you are a REALTOR®, please share your NRDS with us. We do run a check to make sure you are free of ethics violations

CURRENT Headshot

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A Short Video

BASIC 20-second SCRIPT:
Hi! I am excited to share that I will be speaking at the WomanUP!® Virtual Event on September 1-3!
I will be sharing my story and wisdom on (insert your topic) and look forward to seeing you and your avatar there. 
Learn more and purchase your virtual pass on
See you there!
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Thank you!

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