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2-12 * WomanUP!® Live with Rosanna Garcia

Hello WomanUP!® Community!

This week's wonderful welcome is for Rosanna Garcia:

Rosanna has been involved with Women’s Council all her life, since she was a little girl, her mother Eva Garcia would take her to meetings and conferences showing her the life of a Realtor, Volunteer and Leader. She purchased her first real estate investment before she graduated from college.

Rosanna got licensed in 1986 and took a detour in 1993 when she opened coffee shops with her husband in Southern CA. They had 3 shops and 25 employees for 10 years. This prepared her for the trials of being a business owner. Because after restaurants Real Estate is a walk in the park!

After deciding to sell and move back to Sacramento, they traveled for a full year. Travels included 2 months cross country, driving the Southern Route. 1 month on the Eastern Seaboard, 6 months in Europe, Canada and 1 month in Australia and New Zealand.

Rosanna returned to the family business, Garcia Realty, in 2003 and has never looked back. She loves helping clients achieve the American Dream and loves to help people invest in real estate. She and her husband also run a property management company, J&R Property Management, where they oversee 200 units for clients. She also manages 10 of their own properties. She has served as President of Women’s Council Sacramento and was honored with the Realtor of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year of the network. She is also involved in her local Association and has served as a Director for 6 years and continues to serve. She was also honored by being named Realtor of the Year for Sacramento Association in 2018. She is an Outstanding Life Member of the local Top Producer’s Club also known as the Master’s Club. She is a past President of the Sacramento Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and was named Business woman of the year by the chapter in 2015.

Rosanna currently serves as Women’s Council California State President

Bday Jan 29 - a birthday twin w/ Oprah!

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