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2023 Shine a Light on Her!

Prefer to fill out this form and have us shine a light?

Do you have a woman in your life who has inspired or encouraged you? A mentor? A boss? A friend? Your mom, auntie, or grandmother?


We invite you to join our #IamWomanUP Challenge and shine a light on her...

1: Write a list of the women who have made a difference in your life.


2: Find a photo of you with each of the women you want to honor. Have a group pic with a few of them? That works, too!

3: Post the photo on Facebook or Instagram using this caption:

I’m accepting the #IamWomanUP Challenge to shine a light on and share the story of a woman who made a difference in my life to honor #WomensHistoryMonth!

Today, I honor...


#WomanUP #WomensHistoryMonth #womensupportingwomen #ShineALight @womanUPofficial


Want to join me? Post your photo and copy/paste this caption. We will share it in the WomanUP!® Community this month!

Be sure to tag @WomanUPofficial and we will help you amplify your tribute!

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