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Sue Yannaccone of Coldwell Banker Teaches Us How to Dream Big

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

"Standing still is exhausting. I’d rather look back and know I’ve tried than to regret living in someone else’s idea of what I should be."

Fierce, feisty, fearless. When Sue speaks, you quickly sense the grit in her voice. Her determination is palpable. This comes from someone who has an inner drive that is bound and to determined to not let herself and others down. She embraces the power of “what if” and encourages the people in her life to take risks, to let go of limiting beliefs, and to push through the fear that holds them back from living their best life. Sue knows her job as a leader is to challenge others to dream bigger and to think more broadly than they ever would on their own. Sometimes this means she loses valuable team members to pursue other passions, but she knows how important it is to guide people to their purpose. She doesn’t take her leadership role for granted which fuels her obligation to give back. She trusts her instincts, has found her voice, and is teaching other women to do the same. Sue embodies the WomanUP!® movement with strength, focus, and the willingness to share her whole self and guide others along the way.


Please share the moment you decided you wanted to step into leadership.

There wasn't a specific moment, but over time I began to realize I was passionate about helping others give voice to, and achieve their dreams; For me, I was best able to do that through executive leadership

What advice did a mentor give you?

Show up as your authentic self every day.

What advice do you have for women in our community?

If you always wish a certain kind of brokerage existed, and you can't find it after searching extensively, CREATE IT!


Sue Yannaccone sat down with Debra Trappen in January 2019 in a joint partnership with WomanUP!® and

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