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We are creating our own world... on a virtual private island!

  • Beach Yoga + Meditation

  • Solo Talks + Panel Discussions

  • Rooftop Socials + Dance Parties

  • Virtual Wine Tasting

  • 1:1 Chats at the Lighthouse

  • Coffee + Conversation Sessions

  • Lunch + Learns


             ...all with a virtual ocean view!

If You Registered, Please Check Your Email For The Link!
Here are a few videos to help you see how the WomanUP!® World will look and feel:
(recap video from another event hosted there)
(video explaining about this exciting platform)
(video explaining how to move your Avatar around)

VirBELA recommends these hardware requirements so your Avatar can live their best life: 


For Windows: 7 SP1= or newer

For Mac: OS X 10.11 or newer

See more on the system requirements here!

VirBELA Private Island 10K View.png
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