WomanUP!® Wisdom Series * Starting A Brokerage

Updated: May 20

Want to learn how to start a real estate brokerage?

Want to take your brokerage to the next level?

Join these brokerage owners and operation experts as they share the lessons they learned, the wisdom that came from them, and the behind-the-scenes stories you want to hear before you step confidently into brokerage ownership!

Highlights from this chat...

What did you do before you got into real estate?

What’s the WHY behind you starting your own company?

  1. Mia McLeod

  2. Wanting to take care of my mom who raised both me and my sister as a single mom... she was the impetus for my entrepreneurial journey and why I knew I couldn't be an employee. I saw the hustle, grit, and tenacity, all in one; she was and continues to be my inspiration. My Why has evolved through the years. Why Statement: We strive to care, inspire and add value to others in everything that we do.

  3. Lori Namazi

  4. For years I helped others build their legacy. It was time to build mine and help others build theirs.

  5. Rhonda Keliipio

  6. My company..my rules. The ability to create the culture and company from the passions in my heart. To define every aspect from commission splits, agent incentives, office space, community involvement and mentorship.

Is there a particular event or advice that got you “off the fence” and propelled you to take the first step?

  1. Rhonda

  2. I felt a pull or calling to do so. Finding the courage was a mindset shift. I asked myself an important question….Did I want to be a Realtor® who owns a business or a Business Owner that happens to be a Realtor®? I wanted to be a business owner and build something long-term that would be a viable business for my family and make a difference in my community.

  3. Mia

  4. Surprisingly, no, actually what worked in my favor was not knowing what I know now, hahaha! But, seriously, opening at the age of 22, I was just wanting to get started and had an entrepreneurial fire in me. But, I can totally see why many are on the fence and in my humble opinion, it is probably caused by feeling you need to know everything and have everything prepared to a T. My advice, just go for it, you will never regret going for it but you can regret not going for it.

  5. Lori

  6. I outgrew the company I had been working for and decided it was time for me to build my own business. Brokers would call me all the time and ask for advice, so I realized that independent brokers had no one to turn to. I created my company to fill an obvious gap in the industry to support brokers in growing their companies. Starting the brokerage was a few years in the making. A shower epiphany really got the ball rolling.