9-24* WomanUP! Weekly w/ Alice Myerhoff

Alice Myerhoff is a versatile dot connector who delivers best-in-class corporate sponsorships for global, mission-driven organizations. She is an inspiring sales leader and author who draws upon a deep well of corporate and multi-cultural experience to forge mutually beneficial, trusting relationships with for-profit and non-profit constituents.

Alice is a collaborative partner who balances a boots-on-the-ground approach with a strategic mindset to grow entities, scale partnerships, launch initiatives and generate revenue.

She is also a voracious learner who masters new industries quickly and has built customer portfolios from the ground up in education, real estate, advertising, and entertainment.

Alice was also one of our speakers (she talked about getting more women on boards!) last year at the virtual experience we hosted on our “private island” where we danced with one another’s avatars! :)

Click the image below to watch the replay.

WomanUP!® Weekly Live w/Alice Myerhoff