8-13 * WomanUP! Weekly LIVE w/ Robin Treasure

Robin Treasure is a sales trainer, speaker, mentor, and author. She is happiest when helping others to succeed in their sales careers and achieve true wealth in the form of income, self-actualization, and fulfillment.

When she is not writing a book, mentoring teams, or learning a new language, you can find Robin hiking, taking a Barre class, or spending time with her daughter and loved ones.


Robin is a Fierce Facilitator of the Heart-Powered Selling session at the 2021 Courageous Reinvention Workshops!

To learn more about Robin and her services visit: robintreasure.com

Learn the value of Heart-Powered Selling in Robin’s workshop on September 2! https://www.iamwomanup.com/2021-workshops

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We are so excited to get to know you, Robin! We’ve read your bio… now let’s dig into your story a bit. What is your favorite leadership story/lesson in your career so far?

I’ve had the honor of coaching some amazing women in sales. One of them, whom I’ll call Julie, lacked confidence when we first started working together. She was fairly experienced in her role, but she still felt a lot of fear around meeting her quotas, and she had a hard time knowing what to focus on because her company was throwing a lot at her (new products, various initiatives to engage in, and new training). In our work together, I helped her to get clear on:

The core value she brings to her clients.

What she loves doing.

Which obstacles she faced.

By addressing each of these points, she gained so much more clarity on where to focus her day-to-day efforts. And she was clear on the value she brought to her clients. That meant she walked into her client meetings excited about what she could do for them, rather than being afraid of how they might reject her. She literally couldn’t wait for her next meetings, because she could see how relieved her clients were as a result of the solutions she was bringing them. She started exceeding her quotas month after month.

This had a ripple effect - because soon her colleagues were texting her, asking her what she was doing to be exceeding her quotas so regularly!

Tell us about your book, and what inspired you to write it?

It started when I was still in my role as a sales rep, and colleagues were asking me about the secret to my success. I would tell them bits and pieces of what I was doing, but I didn’t tell them about the biggest drivers in my success, because it didn’t fit the model of traditional sales methodologies.

Little by little, I realized I needed to share my message, and I felt compelled to start writing the book. I attribute my success in sales to the same thing that has enabled me to enjoy amazing experiences and synchronicities in my life: connecting to my heart and following my intuition. I also wanted to share the specific strategies that helped me the most in sales. From there I created the Heart-Powered Sales Method that is the core of my book.

Book title:

Heart-Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

Book description:

This book guides women in sales to take a heart-centered approach in order to transcend fear, easily exceed quotas, enjoy unlimited prosperity, and ultimately achieve spiritual growth.

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