5-15 * Wisdom from Kama Burton

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hello, WomanUP!® Community!

Here is this week's recap of our weekly Facebook Live on the group.

Debra shared WomanUP!® UPdates in the First Five of the show.

  1. 2020 going virtual… we are working on something super special!

  2. Join the May 20 UNTAMED Book Discussion!

  3. Mentor Program - Share your wisdom. Learn a new skill. Find your connection.

  4. Shine A Light On Her: Give tribute to a woman in your world.

  5. Share Your Story: Ready to share YOUR story and inspire/teach others

Starting at 4:45, Leslie Appleton-Young shared so many fantastic statistics with us! The

comments were filled with "Wow!" "Astonishing!" and even a " Can we get Leslie on network news?! I just love how eloquently she explains the data!" from Katie Lance!

You can find her most recent slides here.

Following her update, we had a WomanUP!® WaveMaking Wisdom chat with Kama Burton! Click the image below to watch the replay.

5-15 Wisdom Segment Show Notes:

Kama Burton is a newly licensed Broker, speaker, adjunct professor, philanthropist, mentor, and trainer who has a love for her industry like no other. She loves to stay educated in the industry and always encourages others to do the same.

Although we live in a time of uncertainty, we need to be certain that ONE DAY we will get out and get through. In the meantime, continue to work on your goals. Don't allow any situation to take your eyes off the goals, however, if you do need to adjust anything, adjust your plan. One of my favorite quotes: "A goal without a plan, is just a dream." It's time to make our dreams reality.

Today we are talking about one of her favorite topics and her personal mission: How to pursue your passion despite your current obstacles!

Q1: What obstacles have you had to face to get to where you are now?