WomanUP!® LIVE Interview with Vicki Carpenter

Updated: Feb 8

This week we welcome Vicki Carpenter!

Vicki was formerly in the legal profession, as a Legal Secretary and Paralegal (15+ years), then transitioned into real estate in 1991.

She is a leader in the industry and very knowledgeable in all aspects of residential real estate. Top Producer in Southwest Riverside County, and recognized by Coldwell Banker ABR, as well as, Coldwell Banker Corporate for being in the Top 5 in her office, with most of those years, being the top-selling agent in the office. Vicki handles a high volume of transactions, with a high success rate of "closed" transactions.

Vicki also is the Director of Training for Coldwell Banker ABR in Southwest Riverside County.

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Wisdom with Vicki Carpenter

What was your first leadership role? Did you ask/ apply for it or were you recruited?

First career leadership role: Amalgamated Bank, Chicago

Tell us about the journey to your current leadership role.

There are many layers for the term current leadership role...

I am currently the Director of Training for my company and have been for over 10 year. In some way I touch all agents at one level or another, but primarily the newer agents. I've managed my real estate office and other offices. I currently mentor several agents in my company and I am a producing agent running my own business.

When I think of leadership, I think outside my work environment and to my community volunteerism. I am so privileged to have served as a director or president of many non-profit organizations, including organizations in my industry i.e. local Chamber of Commerce, several foundation organizations, currently a trustee with local college, C.A.R leadership roles over the years, along with my own Realtor association, and at times just "chief cook and bottle washer" if that's what was needed. I know it's cliché but I truly have received more than I have given. The relationships developed, life long friendships, mentors who've inspired me to be better, seeing the end result of projects helping individuals or organizations who help others and sense of accomplishment empowering one do to more. That is my why...!

The leadership journey started with others asking me to get involved, and became role models. Like others I've failed many times on different levels during my life, but I had someone who witnessed it - lifted me up to focus on what's ahead and not what's in the rear view mirror. There were times, no one was around and I'd lay in a fetal position, until I was able to get up and focus on what was ahead, not behind. There's nothing I'd change, but a more than few bad habits along with way.

Trust me I have many stories, and wouldn't change the path I followed, with all the missteps, misjudgments, and mistakes made - I sure learned a lot from walking that path. There's so many ingredients in the "baking" of a leader - sometimes you put too much of this in, or not enough of that, and that's how you create your best recipe or your best self! Maybe that equates to being a leader because I'm always seeking more...

I'm not sure I answered the question in the way you wanted, or how much (or little) you wanted to me to share. I'm not great at talking about me. In the end I'm very blessed and grateful to all in my life, whether one tried to hinder me, or tried to mentor and uplift me. Y'all got me to WomanUp!