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Nothing like an impromptu dance party

I’m still in awe of my time at the WomanUP!® Conference this year and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share my story among so many incredible women. I mentioned in my panel talk, it took me 40 years to find my purpose. 40 years! For me, nothing has come without tremendous effort, persistence, and honestly, a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I’m an introvert by nature but I also recognize this is my one precious life.

Participating on a panel of women that are also driven by a purpose to give and serve their communities was nothing short of inspiring. We formed a sisterhood that felt like a warm and safe place to share our experiences. Authenticity is one of my biggest values and this WomanUP!® community delivered a genuine and authentic experience for me full of laughter, tears, and a lot of hope that we will continue to show up for each other in meaningful ways like mentorship and friendship.

Something we discussed on our panel was the impact of loss on our lives and how from it, we’ve grown as individuals and found purpose in the non-profits we contribute too. When Melissa Sofia and I were sitting in the green room, a bit nervous before our panel took the stage, two birds flew in and we looked at each other with awe and excitement that this was a sign from our loved ones. We are not alone. This WomanUP!® Conference of incredible women connecting, sharing, inspiring, and empowering one another was a gift that we are not alone.

We have an entire community of women at all stages and seasons of life to learn and grow from. Also, never underestimate a good break out dance session before any event where you need to channel all the positive energy and vibes you can bring. The impromptu backstage jam with Christine George, Melissa Sofia, Elisha Alcantara and Nina Dosanjh was epic!

I mentioned in the panel, Leading with Purpose, my intentions for the future include growing our non-profit, The Wildflower Initiative’s financial literacy program for women and I cannot wait to bring all the goods to WomanUP!® 2020! Walk the talk. Take good care!

With love and gratitude,

Tiana Uribe


Tiana founded TRU Financial Services, Inc. in 2005, a company providing wholesale mortgage and real estate services. Tiana is a licensed California broker and has served as president since inception. She has lead the company through several real estate cycles closing over $300 million in real estate and mortgage sales. In 2015, Tiana founded and is the Executive Director of The Wildflower Initiative, a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower women and children through literacy. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Marketing and is an avid reader. Tiana serves as a commissioner on The Status of Women and Girls in San Diego County and is a member of Mana San Diego, a nonprofit empowering Latinas through education, leadership development, advocacy, and community service.

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