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WomanUP!® Live with Margo Wheeler

Updated: Mar 7

This week's “Shine A Light On Her” conversation is with Margo Wheeler.

Margo is a John L. Scott Tacoma University Place Broker in Washington State and was recently appointed to the NAR 2023 Vice President of Association Affairs role.

We love how her Twitter bio sums her up!

Changing lives, touching people, building communities, and passionate about RPAC & REALTOR Party. Empower and mentor women to lead. Speaker/Granny/Ret Army.


About Margo:

Margo Wheeler, AHWD, ABR, CRS, GRI, MRP, PMN, SRES

Margo has proudly worn the REALTOR® “R” for more than 28 years and is a working Broker in Tacoma, Washington at John L. Scott’s Tacoma-University Place office.

She is passionate about the industry, leadership, and mentoring. Margo, a RPAC Major Investor and Hall of Fame member has served as Tacoma-Pierce County Association and Women’s Council President, Washington State Women’s Council and Washington State Association of REALTORS® President and was NAR REALTOR® Party Director in 2018. Margo has been a Women’s Council member 28 yrs and served as the National President in 2011. Margo currently serves on NAR’s Board of Directors and on the Western Washington REALTIST Chapter’s Executive Committee.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Margo Wheeler is honored to have also served in the U.S. Army retiring at the rank of First Sergeant.

She is a Mom, proud grandmother, mentor, real estate instructor, and fair housing advocate.


Interview Highlights

Tell us about your leadership journey…


Licensed in 1993; licensed as Managing Broker in 1997 Manage a branch office, then worked New Construction on site for 18 months, Worked in independent company 18 yrs, then moved to another independent boutique firm for 4 yrs and ultimately moved to current company 6 years ago. Active in the industry from beginning to present.

As you look back, tell us about a challenge you faced. Perhaps it was a risky move that didn’t pay off, a failed project, a fork in the road, or a personal mishap. How did you address it? Did you ask for help?


One fork in the road I came to was when I chose between Managing and focusing solely on Sales.

Yes, I talked with friends in the industry who I respected. It ended up being the best decision for me and my clients.

Another time, personally, when I was diagnosed with cancer the 2nd time in 2018, I was in the midst of serving as NAR’s and Elizabeth Mendenhall’s Realtor Party Director. I told those who needed to know, family, close friends and NAR/WR leadership before the surgery afterwards I didn’t mind sharing my story. My faith, friends, Broker, colleagues and an incredible number of leaders from the 2018 leadership team and Women’s Council supported me in every capacity. I’m blessed and still live with cancer.

From the perspective of where you are today, how would you handle a similar situation this time around? In hindsight, what would you do differently?

Margo: Simply put, hindsight is 50/50 (even better than 20/20!).

You’ve had many memorable moments in your career… what are some of your favorite?

Margo: Running for National Women’s Council, not coming out of Nominating (the 2nd time) and ultimately being elected and then serving as Women’s Council National President. Serving as Deborah Tatum Gilmore’s president-elect (we were 2nd and 3rd African Americans to serve as National Presidents).

Being elected and serving as Washington Realtors President (1st AA - my president-elect was the 2nd to be elected and serve.

Serving as NAR Realtor Party Director on an incredible 2018 team.

Interviewing Simone Biles was also a joy :-)

Being appointed by incoming NAR President Kenny Parcell as one of his 2 Vice Presidents to serve on the 2023 NAR Leadership team.

In honor of BHM and highlighting the achievements, involvement and creation of programs to true diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry - Let’s talk about the At Home with Diversity® certification! I’m proud to say that I am certified!

Margo: It’s a great course and the instructors who teach it are passionate about DEI. It helps us to understand the imperative for learning how to embrace and appreciate diversity - in our business, community, associations and leadership. It also touches on the basics of Fair Housing - past and present and much more. fair housing simulation is another great tool along with the implicit bias videos and class for Realtors.


To learn more about the At Home with Diversity program, click here.

The California Association of REALTORS® Fair Housing Day will be on May 17th. Join the mailing list on to receive more information about this event as it becomes available.


What upcoming challenges would you say every brokerage leader needs to have on her radar? How can she prepare?

Margo: Need to know about the changes in the industry as they happen, new business models, practices, legislative issues, what’s happening at NAR and in our industry. Also, use the tools available on that provide insight on buyers and sellers. Attend Conferences connect with like-minded, dynamic thought leaders. Including the Broker’s Summit.

Before I ask you for your final words of wisdom… would you please share a few books or podcasts you LOVE and recommend to other leaders in your life?

Margo: Books - Joy - Desmond Tutu (no longer with us) and the Dalai Lama - Kindness Now (a guide to live with authenticity, intention and compassion) Audible

Podcast - Therapy for Black Girls with Dr Joy Harden about personal development, mental health and more with the goal of helping each individual become their best version and

Oprah’s Super Soul - always interesting and educational.

Leadership is a journey not a destination or position, it’s not really about you - it's an opportunity to mentor and empower others. It’s also about the relationships you build, not the position you hold. Just remember to enjoy the journey.

-Margo Wheeler

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