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Coffee & Conversations with Leslie!

We welcome you to the first Coffee & Conversations with Leslie. Please join us on the first Wednesday of every month for a morning coffee and conversation with Leslie Appleton-Young. You can RSVP here for all future events here.

She will be sharing what’s on her mind - including the books and thought-provoking articles she has read and the experiences she has had! Additionally, Leslie will be sharing conversations with special guests to take a deeper dive into Leslie's Life Lessons.

These casual chats will be information and inspiration packed, so mark your calendar and invite your friends to join you each month in our WomanUP!® Facebook Group.

See you there!


Episode 1 * Recap

Overview of Leslie's Life Lessons

  • No change -- no change

  • Make a decision – the universe will change & so finally will you

  • When you in a difficult situation and don’t know what to do, stuck, ask: How would an adult handle this?

  • Just keep going...

  • Denial is a killer

  • You are what you feel

  • The only way out is through

  • Just show up

  • When a friend is in pain and you don’t know what to say – call anyway

  • Listen

  • Be kind

  • Walking is not cardio (sorry)

  • You can do just about anything to the right music

  • When I’m physically strong, I’m mentally strong

  • Be afraid and do it anyway

  • Stay on your side of the street

  • You do not have an expiration date

  • Any man in your life should be at least the quality of your girlfriends

  • Who you marry is the most important career decision you can make

  • Sometimes your worst fears are realized and you end up happier than you could have imagined

  • Love will find you


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