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2021 Courageous Reinvention
Peloton Rides

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Want to join our Peloton Squad?

Join our FB Group here or email us.

September 1 & 2 @ 7am

Ride with our leaders Jennifer Branchini, Heather Ozur, Leslie Appleton-Young, Sara Sutachan and many more from the WomanUP!® Peloton Squad each morning of the Courageous Reinvention Workshops to break a sweat and prepare for the workshops ahead.

All are welcome!


Click the button to join the ride each day.

Follow the hashtag #IamWomanUP to connect!

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 Day One * 9/1

 7am Virtual Peloton Ride - 30 Min Aretha Franklin Ride with Robin Arzon (from 8/11/21)

 Day Two * 9/2

7am Virtual Peloton Ride - 30 Min Vinyl Vault Ride with Hannah Corbin (from 4/29/21)

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