Weekly Live Show


Every Friday at 2pm PT

Each week you will find us on Zoom hosting a "Shine A Light On Her" Interviews, Wisdom Sessions, Coffee & Conversations with Leslie, or a popular episode replay!


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National Conference


August 30

1-4pm PT * Wine Tasting w/ Mondavi Sisters

5-6:30pm PT * Welcome Reception

Two-Day Leadership Conference
August 31-September 1


Live Sessions + MeetUPs


Inman Connect New York #ICNY

Wednesday, 4-20-22

 WomanUP!® Session * 1-2pm ET

WomanUP!® MeetUP * 4:30-6pm ET

Inman Connect Las Vegas #ICLV

Wednesday, 8-4-22

WomanUP!® Session * 3-4pm PT

WomanUP!® MeetUP * 4:30-6pm PT


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Our Key Topics This Year!

  • Delegation

  • Elevating and Empowering * Our Teams - Future Leaders -Ourselves

  • Recruiting * Agents and Staff

  • Getting comfortable with no and letting go 

  • Prioritizing, Pacing, and Perseverance

  • Team Development 

  • Confident Decision Making

  • Embracing My Power - with no apologies

  • DEI

  • Compassion and Connection 

  • Public Speaking

  • Mastering Grace

  • Being an Advocate

  • Confidence

  • Negotiating and Articulating Your Value

  • Leading by Example

GROUP POLL: What leadership skill(s) do you want to sharpen this year?

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